America’s Got Talent 2012 Live Recap: More Wow Auditions! (VIDEOS)

The America’s Got Talent 2012 auditions continue Monday night on NBC as judges Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Howard Stern decide which acts will be sent through to Las Vegas for the next round. There are certain to be some more ‘wow’ auditions tonight that will bring the audience to their feet, as well as — we’re sure — a few more screamingly bad ones that will leave everyone groaning for the judges to hit those X buttons…  fast!

Last week on America’s Got Talent 2012, we saw some tremendously cool acts and we can wait to see what’s in store on AMD 2012 Monday night. Join us for our America’s Got Talent 2012 live recap right now as we find out who will be the ‘wow’ auditions of the night!


Please stop reading here if you do not want America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers for the season 7, episode 3 performances!

So far in the America’s Got Talent 2012 audition rounds, my favorite contestant to emerge is William Close with his magnificent earth harp. While I don’t think this master instrument maker will win the show, I do think he is one of the most original and terrific performers to ever grace the America’s Got Talent stage.

With so many great acts already selected by the judges to move on to Las Vegas, the remaining America’s Got Talent 2012 auditions are going to have to be truly stellar to impress Sharon Osbourne, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel enough to get them through to the next round. Who will emerge as the favorites from the America’s Got Talent 2012 auditions this week? Read on in our America’s Got Talent 2012 live recap of Monday night’s performances and watch them for yourself!

The show kicks off tonight with the judges coming into the audition theater in New York, Howard Stern’s hometown. I’m hoping New York will be providing some stellar acts tonight!

The first act up is an acrobatic group called The Flyte Cru (did they really have to spell it that way?). They do some quite daring acrobatics with trampolines and are indeed flying through the air. Howard Stern thinks the group is amazing. Sharon Osbourne loves it and thinks it is great. Howie Mandel, however, thinks they aren’t original enough. Two votes to one and they are going to Vegas.

Now we have Max, who does more acrobatics and some crazy twirling, landing three yes votes from the judges to move on to the next round in Vegas. Following him we have the New York Irish Dance Group and they are pretty decent, although I don’t think they are anything special. The judges disagree with me though, and send them to Vegas. Next up we have a young professional pianist named Jason and he is quite terrific, prompting an enthusiastic yes from all three judges.

Mir Money is the next act and he is a seven-year-old rapper. He has been rapping for four years and says he will take care of his family with the money if he wins the million dollars. He is very cute but not a great act and he gets the buzzer. Howard goes up on stage to tell the kid he is brave and really actually better than some of the rappers he plays on the air. Howard is upset (over a kid crying!) and gives the little rapper a yes, but Howie and Sharon give him a no.

Next up we have a canine act aclled The Olate Dogs and it’s good for an animal act I guess. The labadoodles do backflips and skip rope. It’s cute but can you do a whole Vegas act around it? I don’t think so, but the judges put them through to Vegas anyway.

Now we have 25-year-old Horse and this is just disturbing. He pretty much spends his whole time on stage in his underwear getting hit in his balls. He gets hit in the nuts by cement blocks and everything else. Then Howard Stern wants Nick Cannon to kick him in the balls and he does — three times! Howard loves it (obviously) and gives him a yes. Howie teases that he won’t be having any more kids to join his two at home and also gives him a yes. Sharon also, amazingly enough, gives him a yes. Watch me facepalm on that one folks.

Here comes a medley of acts. The first is a children’s music band that sucks and gets three nos from the judges. A guy painted up like Kiss also get axed and another guy that bites who gets nos all around.

Finally we get another good one with a band called Wordspit (eewww). They actually don’t suck thank goodness. The crowd gets up on their feet. Howard says the blew the roof off. Sharon loves the young talent. Howie thinks they are like a mix of Pink Floyd and Jay-Z (weird). Yes votes from all and they will be going to Vegas.

Button Crane is the last contestant and I so do not get these judges. The man is 77 years old and wearing a white suit. He does bad rap and the judges are laughing while the audience is not loving it. Finally after a while the audience gives in and starts clapping and eventually give him a standing oavation. He is terrible! The judges pass him through to Vegas and it is obvious it is just for the cheese factor because this guy sucks! Sorry, I hate to insult a guy who is 77, but really? So not good and so not worth taking up the spot of another contestant who might have real talent.

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