America’s Got Talent 2012 Recap: More Wild Acts Wow Howard Stern

While I will miss The Voice 2012 until the new season debuts on NBC in the fall, the network thankfully has another talent reality TV show to keep me occupied for the time being — America’s Got Talent 2012. Last night, NBC debuted America’s Got Talent season 7 with brand new judge Howard Stern. Tonight the America’s Got Talent auditions continue and we’re recapping the show live for you as the acts hit the stage.

Radio shock jock Howard Stern proved to be an entertaining addition to the America’s Got Talent 2012 judges panel and I look forward to seeing his reactions to some of the wild acts set to perform tonight. So far there have been some truly out there, totally unique acts and I can’t wait to see what America’s Got Talent 2012 has in store for us tonight.


Please stop reading here if you do not want America’s Got Talent 2012 spoilers for the week one, night two performances!


On America’s Got Talent last night, I have to say my favorite contestant so far to make it through to the next round is instrument maker, teacher and performer William Close. The slightly wild-looking guy actually turned the whole America’s Got Talent 2012 theater into a musical instrument, and then played the hell out of it. That was probably one of the most creative and totally wild performances I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent and I can’t even imagine what he is going to have to do next to top that performance.

While there was plenty of talent to be had last night, there weren’t a lot of hugely ‘wow’ moments. There were a few, but I’m still waiting to fall totally in love with a performer and I haven’t yet. Hopefully tonight on America’s Got Talent 2012 we’ll see some even more impressive acts that will blow the socks off Howard Stern and the rest of the America’s Got Talent judges. Let’s see who’s up first!

David Garibaldi and CMYK

Our first act of the evening is David Garibaldi and CMYK it is certainly not something I’ve seen before. The act combines dancing, music and live graffiti art in one colorful production. The judges give David Garibaldi a standing ovation. Howard Stern thinks it is fantastic. Sharon Osbourne?says it was very well done and they incorporated all the elements great to make it a real show. Howie Mandel thinks they delivered a real wow performance. They are through to the next round.

Mr. Special

Oh dear. Mr. Special may be a mister, but he is certainly not special. Well, maybe special in that ‘this guy is not right in the head’ kind of way… He is dressed in a crazy ‘Angry Bird’ costume and comes out riding a tricycle and playing a trumpet. The ‘no’ lights are already lit up by Howard and Sharon. Howie was hoping for more before pushing his button but doesn’t get it, so there goes his light too. The boos are so loud! Mr. Special says he has fire for Sharon, she is cringing, poor thing! Needless to say, Mr. Special does not make it through.

Some horrible singers who take off their shirts. Vote is no.

Some horrible dancers including a little person. They are terrible. Vote is no.

Ugh, so much bad, stupid ridiculousness. Come on with the good stuff already!

Maurice Green — He’s wearing an orange suit and helmet with a green face. No, he did not get through. Obviously.

 Kim McAfee

Wow this is so… so… so… BAD. I don’t know what this girl thinks she was doing but it was terrible and anyone who loves hip hop would run from the room. Howard says it probably would sound better sung in the shower. Sharon and Howie are also a hell no. Host Nick Cannon volunteers to sing with Kim because her duet partner is not there. No luck, it doesn’t help at all. She will not go through.

Christin Sandu

Finally another very cool performance! This 17-year-old is from a long line of circus performers and it shows. He is a master of balance and the judges love it — another standing ovation. Sharon says it scared her to watch him but she loved it. Howie thinks the act is too slow but he still thought it was great. Howard loves it. Howie votes no but Sharon and Howard vote yes. He goes through to the next round.

Lisa Clark Dancers

This dance act is okay but really not that special. The crowd applauds but they don’t go crazy. The judges are also rather lukewarm. Howard says he started to zone out but he is just not a huge fan of dance. He liked the different styles they showed. Howie says he was confused and gives them a no. Sharons says she is not sure but she decides to give them a yes. They will go through to the next round.

More acts hit the stage, this time some good ones. We have a music and magic act that gets through, a 14-year-old girl who sings like a diva and gets through. Oh, and Mike the Juggler who actually is really cool for a juggler, even if I really don’t think you can build a Vegas act around what he does.

Dave Burleigh

Oh this is a fun one. Dave Burleigh is an impressionist and he delights the crowd with a parody of Dancing with the Stars but with “real” stars. He does an awesome Nicolas Cage, Jack Black and Charlie Sheen, among others. Howard Stern says he has a great command of the audience but needs to be edgier and have more killer lines. Howie thinks it was good and spot on. Sharon tells Dave not to listen to Howard, he’s great. Three votes and he is through to the next round.

Luiz Meneghuin

This guy is a nurse who sings opera for his patients, how sappy is that? OMG the crowd is in wow mode and the guy’s wife and daughter are bawling. Luiz Meneghuin has quite the story. He says his father dreamed one of his children would grow up to sing. They were very poor but his father bought a record player for them. Sadly he died last year. The judges give him a standing ovation. Howard says he is a convert and it was very emotional. Sharon thinks Luiz is amazing and has such a great voice. Howie says Luiz’s father can see him and is proud because he made his father’s dream come true. He is through to the next round.

Paula “Grannie G” Nelson

Oh my, lol. The next act up is 80-year-old Grannie G. She still wants to be a star and she raps and dances! The song is about dead beat dads and she is totally hysterical. This is not a winning act but who cares, it is totally fun and the judges are all smiles. They all pass her through to the next round just for the wild entertainment value.

Up next we have a cross-dressing dude named Kotton Kandy in a blue bikini with pink boas. This is obviously another ‘joke’ performance and he gets all nos. The most entertaining bit is when Nick Cannon comes out to dance around with him.

More acts do a fly-through, including some old guys on motorcyles, a dog on a pony, a lady who takes off her clothes and sings “Proud Mary” — none of these make it through. Oddly enough though, a maintenance man who sings and uses a broom as a flute does get voted through to the next round by the judges. So weird.

Tim Hockinberry

This is one of those older guys who never ‘got the chance’ and he is a beautiful singer at 49 years old. The crowd is into it and so are the judges. Howard thinks Tim is a breath of fresh air and it was a moving performance. Howie asks where Tim has been hiding and the singer says he had kids to raise. He feels like he is being born again. Sharon thinks his voice is incredible. All three vote yes and he is through to the next round.

Funk Beyond Control

A young dance crew mix of boys and girls are they are very cute although I don’t think they are the greatest dancers. However, they have the huge cute factor going on and the judges love them. Sharon loves their youth and energy. Howard says he enjoyed it and agrees with Sharon. Howie also likes them. They are through to the next round, but I’m betting they won’t make it to the finals.

We have some more acts pass through quickly… the Emily Ann band, which is, in my opinion, rather mediocore but they get through. A comedian named Kalon Irskin who is decent and goes through. Then we have a group of dancers and martial artists from Hong Kong. The judges like the drama and danger and put them through.

Alonzo “Turf” Jones

Our last full performance of the evening is Alonzo Jones, aka Turf. He is an extreme contortionist and dancer and it is wicked! All three judges are all over it. Howard says every move counted and it was great. Sharon thinks it is his time to be on the stage. Howie says it was amazing and his life is about to change. Turf is off to Vegas!

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