America’s Got Talent 2012: Andrew De Leon Opera Singer (VIDEO)

On America’s Got Talent 2012 Tuesday nigh, viewers were given two very different opera singers to judge. The first was Richard Grossman, who turned out to be one of the more horrible singers I’ve ever heard. The second, however, was the amazing opera singer Andrew De Leon, a goth with a golden voice and creepy eyeballs.

One look at America’s Got Talent 2012 contestant Andrew De Leon, and I bet ‘opera singer’ is not the first thing that springs to mind. After hearing him say he loves Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie, one might expect him to start screaming and spitting blood all over the stage.

Instead, America’s Got Talent 2012 opera singer Andrew De Leon opened his mouth and a voice like an ethereal choir came out. Honestly, if this was back in an earlier century, I’d be wondering if the guy had all his parts intact or if he was one of those fabled castrati.

All his parts or not, this guy is one hell of a singer and the judges obviously agreed, sending him through to Vegas as the audience wiped away tears and roared loud enough to shake the roof. Now if he could just get rid of those scary-looking contact lenses that make you think he is going to go all Zombie Apocalypse on you at any moment…

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15 thoughts on “America’s Got Talent 2012: Andrew De Leon Opera Singer (VIDEO)”

  1. I think his look is fine – if that is his style he should keep it-but his voice is wow.

  2. I thought he looked great, after all he is a very young man, and looks mean nothing. His voice blew me away! I will be following Andrew’s career very closely.

  3. Noooo!  I don’t want him to change a thing.  I hope he doesn’t come to Vegas all vanilla.  

  4. He is PHENOMINAL!!!! I loved EVERYTHING about him. What an AMAZING TALENT!!!!!!! A true artist!

  5. After watching the show, I google him and want to read more about him.  He is just beautiful and I hope he won’t change a thing. I wish him the best. I cried  and  I stood up for him in my living room. His voice blew me away.  You are great Andrew De Leon. I love you voice and you don’t have to hide it anymore. 

  6. I still feel the love and joy of him everytime I watch this…I can’t wait to see him BLOSSOM!

  7. Don’t EVER hide again Andrew!! You are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I was covered with goosebumps and tears flowed! I’ll cheer for you the whole way through!

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