Amy Winehouse A Pussycat Doll?

Ahahahahaha!! The Pussycat Dolls have been smoking some of Amy Winehouse’s crack! They wanna sex up Amy and make her into a Doll! This would be one of the all-time biggest attempts at a makeover EVER!
How are they gonna get Amy to dance like a trannycat when she’s got the Wino shake down perfect?

Whomever is in charge of makeup better start taking antibiotics NOW. Have you seen Amy’s face? She’s been warned she may get GANGRENE up in it if it gets dirty. Keeping Amy’s face clean is harder than keeping a baby’s butt clean. Actually, a baby’s butt stays a LOT cleaner than Amy’s oozing sores! At least the trannys aren’t overreaching for beauty, because Amy would make Nicole Scherzinger look like a real woman. Wait a minute… Genius! Nicole says:

We would love to hook up with Amy. I am not sure what Amy thinks of us but I think we can make something sexy that will sell.

Amy doesn’t think about the trannycats, because Amy’s brain is on auto-crack. I’m sure she’d let them into her apartment, though.

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