Amy Winehouse And BFF Jack Daniels Kicked Out Of Hotel

Snarkista KNEW it would turn out bad when Amy Winehouse ordered 48 bottles of Jack Daniels to accompany her to the Bestival Festival on the Isle of Wight. Amy headlined the concert this past weekend, and needless to say, got HAMMERED. Didn’t make for a good performance, which was called “shambolic”, (British for really crappy), but it doesn’t stop there. Of course it doesn’t. This is Wino we’re talking about, and she doesn’t HAVE a stop button.

Reportedly, Amy KEPT drinking till 5 am. Bosses of the Wellington Hotel said she barricaded herself in her penthouse suite with her buds and Jack. Things deteriorated, until her whole entourage got kicked out. They were banned from re-entering the hotel for destroying her room and for shouting at the staff and guests.

The hotel said that they caused 5,000 pounds (aproximately $10,000) worth of damage, burning furniture with cigarette butts and spilling alcohol all over the room. At least she didn’t drink ALL of the Jack!
A source told The Sun that:

“Amy was a total mess. She couldn’t manage to walk to the car so they had to wrap her in a duvet.”

Shocker!! Who in the hell let Amy truck in 48 bottles of Jack Daniels? Did they think this was preferable to Amy trucking in her crack? Amy’s manager needs a good kick in the ASS, and a major pay cut. Her dad Mitch is once again vowing that Amy won’t perform again until “she gets better”. Whatever, Mitch! Amy is BRAIN DAMAGED, and Snarkista told you the only hope she has is to be committed. Until then, people are gonna get what they deserve if Amy’s scheduled to perform…a no show, or, more likely, a trainwreck.

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