Amy Winehouse Charged With Assault


Amy Winehouse has been charged with assault with regards to an incident that took place last September. Wino checked into a police station today and was charged with “common assault,” according to BBC News.

Wino is accused of hitting a fan during the End of Summer Ball held in London’s Berkeley Square on September 25th. She will appear on the charge at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on March 17.

Amy was trashed as usual at the festival, and certainly doesn’t remember anything connected with it. “Did you hit the fan, Amy?” “Er, me s*** is always hittin’ the fan, guvnah. You’ll ‘ave ta be a bit more specific.”

The ball was Amy’s goddaughter’s “singing debut” and Amy ruined the whole thing for the poor kid. The Ball’s dress code was formal…Wino showed up in ratty shorts and, of course, ballet slippers. She head-butted a fan in her crazed haze, and “sang” with her goddaughter while she hung all over the poor little cutie.

Meanwhile, Amy was out partying in London for the first time since she left the extremely grateful island of St. Lucia.

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