Amy Winehouse- For The True Fashion Addict

File this under “you have to be effin’ kidding.” Rumors have it that Amy Winehouse, druggie extraordinaire and wearer of filthy rags, is in negotiations to design her own fashion line. What in the hell are the people at Fred Perry thinking? UK’s The Sun reports Amy was overheard in talks with execs for the clothiers during her holiday in St. Lucia. Amy’s even done some sketches! You KNOW those look like stick figures with their heads on fire.

Save some dough if you want to look like Wino, and do some good at the same time! Give a local homeless person 5 bucks for some of their clothes, bum some REALLY used ballet slippers from the nearest dance school, and roll around in some old razor blades. Snatch a squirrel’s nest out of the bushes, tie it to your head, then knock out a few teeth. Voila! No need to thank me. We’re in a NASTY recession.

One thought on “Amy Winehouse- For The True Fashion Addict”

  1. This woman is in serious trouble. She is 24 or 25, and she looks over 50. Sores all over her face, rotted broken teeth,and her hair, like it’s never been washed let alone combed. In every picture she is totally out of it. She desperately needs to be commited, Her parents need to stepin and commit her, If they don’t I fear she’ll soon be dead.
    Honestly, My heart goes out to this young woman, she is 4 years younger than my daughter, These photos just make me sick.
    I will pray for her and pray that someone loves her enough to step in and do what is necessary for her survival.

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