Amy Winehouse Not Going To Rehab; Still Rolls Her Own

Here’s Amy Winehouse leaving her London home this morning. As you can see, Amy can STILL stop shaking long enough to roll herself some Maui Wowie. Is there no END to her talent? However, the recent rumors that the crackie would be going to rehab in Bury St. Edmonds, near her beloved hubby Blaaake, are wrong. Y’all didn’t think Wino would go to rehab while conscious did ya?

Her publicist has come out and says that alas, she will not be attending. Poor guy, you KNOW he was praying for a break from chasing Amy through traffic. With a hint of disappointment that his client won’t be getting the help that she needs, he told the press, “Unfortunately the residents of Bury won’t be enjoying Amy’s company.” Snarkista thinks the “residents of Bury” are throwing a party right now.