Amy Winehouse Rolls Her Own

Amy Winehouse came out of hiding last night, and looked to be smoking something besides a ciggy! Amy’s bummed because she spent a ton of money having her house detoxified thinking hubby Blaaake was gonna get sprung from the big house. When he didn’t, she threw a big bash and trashed the place again. She’s also probably blue because she’ll NEVER look as good as the new WAX Amy unveiled at Madame Tussauds in London.

She’s stayed in, though until last night. Wino can’t sit still THAT long! The troubled singer finally emerged from her self-imposed isolation last night…complete with the suspicious-looking hand-rolled mood enhancer. Amy looked pretty rough when she left her flat in with some of her buds. Not the ones she was smoking!! It’s the first time Amy has been out and about since hubby Blaaaake Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months for his part in a pub attack.

Wino doesn’t care if you take her pic with a joint. Why? ‘Cuz she won’t remember 5 minutes later. Snap away!