Amy Winehouse Rushed To The Hospital

British news The Daily Mail is reporting that Amy Winehouse has been taken out of her home on a stretcher and rushed emergency room of a London hospital. The singer was seen being wheeled out of her north London home just after 8.40pm London time this evening by paramedics, as her father Mitch Winehouse watched.

She was then taken to the accident and emergency department of University College Hospital where she has been admitted, her spokesperson confirmed. A squad of police arrived as Amy was shielded her singer friend Remi Nicole and her father, as well as the paramedics who were in attendance, with only her bare feet exposed, as she sat slumped in the wheelchair.

After she was driven off by paramedics, a police van escorted the emergency vehicle to the London hospital where the singer was admitted tonight. The news followed another erratic weekend for the star, who was seen punching a shop’s metal security blind after a wild night out which included water fights in the street.

Amy’s publicist Tracey Miller said Amy had a reaction to a medication she’d been taking. She wouldn’t say what the medication was. Amy is in such sad physical shape that she’s gonna have a harder time fighting off incidents like this. Stay tuned. God help Amy, there is no telling what she’s done now.

photo credit: The Daily Mail

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