Amy Winehouse- Snorting On Video Again

The Sun is reporting ANOTHER wild night for Amy Winehouse. Here’s Amy caught on tape snorting SOMETHING behind the DJ booth she was manning. Now Amy’s been known to snort everything from coke to vodka, but this looked like something of the powdered variety.

Thursday night started off with her drinking and partaking in what looked like drugs. Then Amy got violent, hitting DJ BIOUX who was spinning Motown tunes with her, boxing him in the ear and called him a “f****** p****” . Snarkista would say he’s just a dumbass for standing so close to Wino on a bender. She left with a lamp, and a nose looking like she hoovered Columbia.

Amy’s dad Mitch is still begging Amy’s dealers and friends to stop giving her drugs. Great strategy, pops. He says with her emphysema, she’ll die a slow, painful death, gasping for breath. Snarkista doesn’t think Amy’s gonna live long enough to die of emphysema, she’s likely to OD, or get hit by a bus trying to escape lockdown.

Supposedly she’s gonna finish 6 contracted gigs and then quit doing shows while she “recovers”. With Blaaake who shoots up in jail. Yeah. Wino needs a straitjacket and a padded room with some real locks. Trying to keep her holed up in her pad is just stupid. She’s gonna piss and moan either way, but if she’s locked up she’ll be harder to hear. Papa Mitch isn’t just afraid for her, he’s afraid OF her. The little brat weighs around 75 pounds, for God’s sake. Toss her ass in a REAL rehab, or start shopping for coffins.

video source: youtube from tmz