Amy Winehouse’s Mom Has Lost Her Mind

Amy Winehouse’s mom says that Amy is no longer using drugs. As everyone knows, Amy was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering a “reaction to medication” while at her London home. Papa Mitch is claiming his daughter’s drink had been spiked with ecstasy. Others say Amy took the meds she’s been prescribed to help her kick her drug habits, and chased them down with rum.

But according to the 24-year-old’s poor deluded mother Janis, the hospital visit was simply a matter of human error.

“The truth is that Amy ended up in hospital this week because she mixed up the medication she’s taking to help her come off drugs,” she told the Daily Mirror newspaper.She took a wrong tablet.”

Mom also says Wino’s recent diagnosis with lung disease has encouraged her to steer clear of recreational drugs. Like the joint she was smoking the other night!

“I really don’t think she’s using now,” she claimed. “Being diagnosed with the early stage of emphysema was a real jolt to her. A bit of a wake-up call. Mind you, I think she does have the odd sneaky cigarette. Give her a break, she’s not a miracle worker.

No, dear Janis, she NEEDS a miracle worker. Amy’s spokesman Chris Goodman said the star suffered a reaction to medication while at home but was now in good spirits after spending a “comfortable night” in hospital. Yep, Amy’s probably REAL comfy right about now. She’s out of confinement, back in her pad with a fresh supply of blood (yes, delivered this morning) and probably ready to rock and roll. Mom, you know what they say about denial…

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