Anderson Cooper Leaving CNN to Replace Katie Couric?

Could silver-haired fox Anderson Cooper be leaving CNN to replace Katie Couric on CBS? That’s what the rumor mill is pondering today. According to the New York Times, Anderson Cooper met with CBS executives recently to discuss his future plans, which might just include an anchor job with the network.

Anderson Cooper (Photo: CNN)
Anderson Cooper (Photo: CNN)

It’s no secret Katie Couric hasn’t been much of a ratings grabber for CBS’s Evening News program and her contract will be expiring next year. CBS News President Sean McManus recently said the network has no plans to boot Couric from her anchor spot, but that hasn’t stopped the gossip-mongers from wondering if CBS might be scouting for her replacement.

Anderson Cooper already contributes to CBS’s 60 Minutes program in addition to his anchor duties on Anderson Cooper 360. Previous rumors circulated that CBS considered courting Cooper to take over The Early Show, but that never panned out.

Whether Anderson Cooper does replace Katie Couric or keeps on trucking on CNN, we’ll follow him anywhere. CNN or CBS, Cooper is still the hottest anchor out there. And wouldn’t you rather take your daily dose of bad news with a side dish of gorgeous? We certainly would!

* Update: Cooper’s reps have reportedly told there is no truth to the rumor he has been discussing replacing Katie Couric with CBS. “Reports that Cooper has recently met with CBS News re: an anchor position are false. He is not engaged in any additional conversations with them beyond those necessary for his continuing role on 60 Minutes,” his reps said in a press statement.

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