Angelina Part 2?

French Celeb Magazine Closer is reporting that Angelina Jolie has given birth to her twins today. We’ve been through this media speculation once before, but Angie’s nearer her official due date now! Pics of the twins are rumored to bring the highest amount ever paid for celeb baby photos, possibly as much as 20 million dollars. Best wishes to the family if it’s true, updates to come!
UPDATE: Fox News is reporting Angie’s in the hospital in Nice, France, but no babies poppin’ yet. Stay tuned!
UPDATE-UPDATE: Angelina’s Doctor is scheduled to give a press briefing at 11 am eastern today (July 2). Guess the papz are driving him nuts!
UPDATE TROIS Angie’s resting in the hospital, and may be there until the babies are delivered. This could take weeks, folks, so pity the papz who have to man the stakeout, and I’m SURE we’ll be notified when the twins arrive!