Anne Hathaway Short Hair a Dramatic Change for Les Miserables Role

Beautiful brunette Anne Hathaway debuted a new haircut early on Sunday morning and wow is it a dramatic change! The new Anne Hathaway haircut is super short with a bit of a spiky flair on top. The very short style, in combination with the actress’s recent weight loss, gives Hathaway a decidedly boyish, androgynous look. The new Anne Hathaway short hair cut and skinnier shape are both reportedly all about the star’s new role in the upcoming big screen adaption of Les Miserables.

In Les Miserables, Anne Hathaway plays the character of Fantine, a terminally ill prostitute who cuts off and sells her hair to help feed her baby daughter, Cosette. In addition to her new haircut, Anne Hathaway has also dropped pounds to slim down for the role of the starving, sick Fantine.

Leaving The Box nightclub in London’s Soho neighborhood with fiancé Adam Shulman, Anne Hathaway seemed a bit shy about showing off her new shorter hair style, pulling up her collar and covering her head with her hand. Personally I think she should fully embrace the pixie look and have fun with it. Yes, her ears might stand out a little bit, but overall I think the Anne Hathaway short hair look is pretty damned cute.

Les Miserables, which also stars Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe, launches in theaters on December 14.

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