Anonymous Party Bailing Out Casey Anthony

UPDATE: 9/5 8:20 pm E.T. Casey’s out, and her “benefactor” is still anonymous, but 2 promissory notes for $25,000 each were signed by George and Cindy Anthony, Casey’s parents. The promissory notes were to 2 bond companies in Florida. What they put up for collateral for the notes is still unknown. Protesters are still outside of the Anthony house, where Casey, her attorney Jose Baez, and Casey’s parents are now. Police have asked the protesters to stop screaming, and to please keep their protests quiet. Celeb bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says that Casey has told the truth to her mom and her brother, but not to her father. He says the Anthonys are trying to make the best of it, that they’ve lost a granddaughter and don’t want to lose a daughter. Mother, father and brother have been served with subpoenas. Hence, the hiring of the criminal defense attorney by Cindy and George.

Looks like sociopath Casey Anthony is going to get sprung from jail…again. The stonefaced, stonewalling mother of missing 3 year old Caylee Anthony has apparently lucked out again. Snarkista hates to break the news, but the anonymous benefactor may be from Nashville…and looking for book and movie rights. The info is being kept close to the vest, but celebrity bounty hunter Leonard Padilla says calls came to him from a 615 (Nashville) area code. Leonard bonded Casey out the first time, but revoked his bond after DNA evidence was released that indicated Caylee had been in the trunk of her mom’s car, and was deceased.

A press release from Presscorp Media’s Todd Black states that 2 bond companies in Florida will hold the bond, which the anonymous party says is because “Casey’s constitutional rights have been grossly violated”. Guess little Caylee’s rights aren’t worth very much. This news comes after significant amounts of CHLOROFORM were discovered in Casey’s car by the FBI. The FBI also discovered Google searches on Casey’s laptop for Chloroform.

As Snarkista’s smart readers probably know, Chloroform is a deadly solvent, once used for anesthesia, and has been banned from purchase by individuals since the 1970’s. It’s not that hard to get, though, it took a staffer from the Nancy Grace show approximately 10 minutes to buy it on the ‘net. If you ask Casey’s nutbag mom Cindy, however, it probably flew into Casey’s car from a passing truck…or something equally absurd. Actually, Cindy and her husband George lawyered up today, hiring Orlando criminal defense attorney Mark Nejame. So you probably CAN’T ask Cindy.

Casey could be released at any moment, and officials may let her out in the early morning hours in an attempt to avoid the press. Don’t expect Casey to help the hundreds of volunteers searching for Caylee. Because that’s the last thing she’s gonna do.

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  1. She never should of been sprung in the first place, she should of stayed there and rotted for the rest of her life. I for sure will be the first one to advertise her death sentence on

  2. This is so sad.Casey is only 22, a baby herself.Raised by a control freak psycho mother and a weak minded father.Impregnated by her brother,whom i feel is totally involved in either the murder or at the least the coverup.The only one i feel sorry for is Caylee,but at least she’s away from this group of nutbars!

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