Legendary soul singer Aretha Franklin is denying she was uninvited from the Whitney Houston funeral over a spat with Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston. Franklin was originally scheduled to perform at the funeral, but turned out to be a no-show. After Aretha Franklin failed to appear at Houston’s funeral, rumors began to swirl that she had somehow offended the late singer’s mother.

Aretha Franklin’s absence from the Whitney Houston funeral was a shock even to some members of the family. Houston’s cousin, Dionne Warwick, actually called Franklin to the podium at the memorial service, only to discover she was not present. “Oh, ‘Re’s not here?” Warwick asked in surprise.

Rumors flared up that Franklin had been uninvited to the funeral because of remarks she made on the “Today” show following Whitney Houston’s death. In an interview with Al Roker, Franklin said parents “really have to talk to their children before they leave home. They have to make sure when they leave home, they have all the right things. She left home with all the right things, but she just kind of lost her way along the way.”

When Aretha Franklin did not appear to pay respects at the Whitney Houston funeral, rumors began to fly that Cissy Houston was offended by the soul diva’s remarks on the “Today” show. Franklin, however, denies any such conflict. She says she was unable to make the funeral because of a medical issue.

According to a press statement, Franklin said she had “every intention of being” at the Whitney Houston funeral, but “had terrible leg spasms and locked leg muscles until 4:00 a.m.” the morning of the service. The singer blamed the leg issues on a vigorous concert performance the night before and said it was “very important to stay off my leg” so that she could make her next performance at Radio City Music Hall that night.

Although some fans have argued that Franklin seemed fine at her performance the night of the funeral and went ahead with it despite any leg problems, it should be noted that the show as already a make-up from one she missed in 20120 due to health issues. So the soul singer would have been hard put to cancel it again, no matter how she was feeling.

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