Ashlee Simspson And Pete Wentz Welcome Baby Bronx Mowgli

After much labor speculation, then confirmation yesterday…Ashlee Simpson finally popped. She gave birth to a baby boy last night! Unfortunately, Ashlee and hubby Pete Wentz have been reading their copy of Ridiculous Celebrity Baby Names, and have saddled the little one with “Bronx Mowgli“. Yeah, Mowgli. Like in The Jungle Book. Sigh. Bronx weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces. Welcome to the world, little guy.

One thought on “Ashlee Simspson And Pete Wentz Welcome Baby Bronx Mowgli”

  1. Congrats to the couple. I hope everything is alright. I feel bad for Ashlee. I just read that Pete is playing a show in Chicago on Dec. 2nd. I would be so sad to be without my husband shortly after giving birth. It’s not good for Ashlee, but I’m a secret FOB fan and I want to watch the live footage of the concert on Fuse Dec. 16th. LOL.

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