Tiger Woods Love Child Times Two?

A porn star by the name of Devon James has come forward with a claim that golf legend Tiger Woods fathered her 9-year-old son. Another of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses, Theresa Rogers, also claims Tiger Woods is the daddy of her love child.

Tiger Woods (Photo: Mono P - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Tiger Woods (Photo: Mono P - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Porn star Devon James allegedly claims Tiger Woods got her pregnant and she gave birth to a son in 2001, according to RadarOnline.com. “[Devon James] says Tiger is the father of her child,” an unidentified source allegedly told RadarOnline.com. “And she’s insistent about it.”

Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source: Devonxxx.com)
Devon James (Publicity Photo - Source: Devonxxx.com)

Theresa Rogers, a British journalist, also allegedly claims she had a baby fathered by Tiger Woods. Rogers gave birth to a daughter in 2003, which she reportedly asked for millions to keep quiet about. Her claim is documented in BBC Channel 4’s Tiger Woods: The Rise and Fall airing on Thursday.

Considering how many of the golfer’s alleged mistresses claim the golfer liked to have unprotected sex, we wouldn’t be surprised if there is a Tiger Woods love child or two out there somewhere. Until we see proof of a DNA test, however, we aren’t buying any of these claims.

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Perez Hilton Miley Cyrus Upskirt Photo Child Porn?

Gossip blogger queen Perez Hilton could be in some serious hot water after posting a link to an upskirt photo of Miley Cyrus without her underwear. The problem is, Miley Cyrus is not yet 18 and the photo in question could be considered child pornography.

Miley Cyrus (Photo: Philip Nelson - Wikimedia Commons)
Miley Cyrus (Photo: Philip Nelson - Wikimedia Commons)

Celebrity gossip monger Perez Hilton is no stranger to posting photos of various celebrities flashing their body parts. From nip-slips to panty-less Britney Spears photos, Perez Hilton loves to mock celebs for accidently showing the world their assets.

Usually, however, the victims of his mockery are adults. Miley Cyrus is not. So when he posted a link to a Miley Cyrus upskirt photo of the young starlet not wearing any panties, he basically posted a link to kiddie porn.

Perez Hilton (Photo: Eric from Irvine - Wikimedia Commons)
Perez Hilton (Photo: Eric from Irvine - Wikimedia Commons)

Hilton posted a link to the upskirt photo to his Twitter feed, which has over 2 million followers. After the photo sparked cries of outrage over showing a teenage girl with her stuff hanging out, Hilton removed the photo. The image is still out there on various other sites, but the offending ‘parts’ are covered with censor blocks.

We’re all for pointing out the fallacies of the rich and famous, but we have to say posting a photo of a teenager’s privates on the Net is going way too far. Even if Perez Hilton doesn’t get dinged by the law over this, we kind of hope Miley Cyrus sues the hell out of him.

On the other side of things though, a 17-year-old girl should not be wandering around without underwear either, especially when she KNOWS she is going to be photographed every second by opportunistic paparazzi.

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Second Charlie Sheen Car Stolen and Driven Off Cliff

Someone apparently has it out for Charlie Sheen‘s cars.  For the second time in less than six months, Charlie Sheen’s Mercedes Benz was stolen and ditched off a cliff by the thief. Sheen had another Mercedes stolen and driven off a cliff in the Hollywood Hills back in February.

Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)
Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men' (CBS)

The Los Angeles Police Department and fire crews responded to a call around 3 AM Tuesday that a car had gone off a cliff on Mulholland Drive. Police tracked down the car’s registration and found it belonged to Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen.

The LAPD contacted Sheen, who reportedly said he didn’t even know the car was missing. Once again, however, he admitted he had left the keys to the car in ignition.


We can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on here. So far Charlie Sheen has had two cars stolen, both Mercedes and both thrown off cliffs by the thief. Plus, both cars were stolen from a gated community.

An investigation into the two thefts, which we have to believe are most certainly related, is ongoing. Charlie Sheen’s car has been impounded and is being checked for fingerprints. Surveillance tapes from the security gate are also being reviewed.

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Teen Sailor Abby Sunderland Reality Show?

The parents of formerly lost at sea teen sailor Abby Sunderland are denying the family will be starring in a new reality TV show. The family was reported to have signed a deal for a reality TV series, but a spokesman for the family says no such show is currently in the works.

Teen sailor Abby Sunderland (publicity photo)
Teen sailor Abby Sunderland (publicity photo)

Teen sailor Abby Sunderland was rescued in the Indian Ocean after failing in her attempt to sail solo around the world. Sunderland sent out a distress signal on Thursday after her small boat was battered in a nasty storm. She was rescued two days later.

The 16-year-old girl’s parents, Laurence and Marianne Sunderland, have been widely criticized for allowing their daughter to attempt such a dangerous journey. Abby’s older brother Zac Sunderland currently holds the record for the youngest person to ever sail around the globe. He accomplished the feat at 17.

Laurence Sunderland, Abby’s father, reportedly told the New York Post he had pitched the idea of a reality show about his family, but no deal was ever signed. Kind of makes you think of that whole Balloon Boy thing in some way doesn’t it?

The website for a company called Magnetic Entertainment currently lists plans for a reality show based on the Sunderlands  and a documentary on Abby Sunderland, but no one from the company has commented so far on whether plans for either continue to go forward.

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Country Star & Sausage King Jimmy Dean Dead at 81

Country music and TV star Jimmy Dean, best known to many as the king of all things sausage, is dead at the age of 81. Jimmy Dean died Sunday evening at his home in Varina, Virginia.

Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean

Sunday evening, Jimmy Dean reportedly sat down to watch TV and eat dinner with his wife, Donna Meade Dean. After leaving the room for a few minutes, Dean’s wife returned to find him unconscious and unresponsive. According to CNN, Dean reportedly died of natural causes.

In the country music world, Jimmy Dean made it big in 1961 with “Big Bad John,” which reached number one on both the country and pop charts. The song also garnered a Grammy Award. Dean quickly moved to television, launching The Jimmy Dean Show on ABC in 1963. Dean also frequently appeared on NBC’s Daniel Boone as Boone’s friend Josh Clements.

In 1969, Dean founded the Jimmy Dean Meat Company, which eventually went on to make him a multi-millionaire. After selling the company in 1984 to Sara Lee, Dean served as the spokesman for the company until 2003. Despite his reign as a sausage king, Dean’s music was not forgotten. He was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this year.

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Tennessee Titans QB Vince Young Suspect in Strip Club Assault

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young has reportedly been named as a suspect in a strip club assault in Dallas on Saturday night.
Vince Young
Vince Young (Photo: elaine y - Wikimedia Commons)

According to the Dallas Police Department, Vince Young is suspected of assaulting an unidentified person at the Club Onyx strip club. Young allegedly got into an altercation with the person after the victim started “trash-talking the Longhorns,” according to The33TV.com.

Vince Young reportedly left the club before police arrived and no arrest warrant has yet been filed against the Titans player.

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Sarah Palin Boob Job Never Happened She Says

Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is slamming rumors she had a boob job to amplify her breasts. Palin attributed the ‘Boob-Gate’ rumors she had gotten breast implants to “bored, idle bloggers and reporters with nothing else to talk about.”

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin (Photo: Therealbs2002 - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The rumors about Palin undergoing breast surgery sparked up after she was photographed wearing a tight, scoop-neck t-shirt that showed off her very perky assets.

In an interview with Fox News host Greta Van Susteren, former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin said she absolutely had “not had implants” in her breasts.

Palin said the rumors about her boobs and attention to her physical appearance makes her “have to waste time figuring out what am I going to wear so that nobody will look at an area that I don’t need them to look at.”

As for those “bored, idle bloggers,” Palin suggests “they need to perhaps grab a shovel, go down to the Gulf, volunteer to help, clean up and save a whale or something.”

Well, we think that’s actually pretty good advice. Why doesn’t Sarah Palin strap on a nice, baggy set of overalls and head on down to the coast herself?

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