Boston Legal Actor Justin Mentell Dies in Car Wreck at 27

Boston Legal actor Justin Mentell died Monday after crashing his Jeep in rural Wisconsin. The 27-year-old actor was reportedly not wearing a seatbelt and was ejected from his SUV after driving off an embankment and hitting several trees.

Justin Mentell (Photo: David Shankbone - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Justin Mentell (Photo: David Shankbone - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Justin Mentell, who played attorney Garrett Wells on Boston Legal, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Mentell is believed to have lost control of his Jeep, which slid down a steep embankment and struck several trees. The crash is believed to have happened around 4 a.m. on Monday, but police were not called to the scene until 8:30 a.m.

The Iowa County Sheriff’s Department said Mentell was not wearing a seatbelt and was thrown from the SUV at some point during the crash. It is unknown if alcohol or drugs may have been a factor in the accident at this time, but police do not currently suspect Mentell was intoxicated at the time of the accident.

“We don’t believe that alcohol was a factor in the incident; there was no evidence of that here,” Iowa County Sheriff’s Dept. Sgt. Daniel Carey said in a press statement. “It is possible that Mr. Mentell fell asleep at the wheel, as his mother told us that he liked to take long drives on his own and the area he crashed was pretty secluded… there was some snow lying on the surrounding areas, [but] the road conditions were clear and dry, so, they would not have been a contributing factor either.”

William Shatner, who co-starred with Mentell on Boston Legal, said he was “deeply saddened” by the loss of the promising young actor. “There’s no telling how far up the ladder he may have climbed,” Shatner posted on his Twitter feed. “My sympathies to his family.”

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Fall Out Boy Falls Apart

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump have finally confirmed what has been speculated about for months – Fall Out Boy is no more. In seperate statements, Wentz and Stump announced the band has officially called it quits.

Fall Out Boy (Publicity photo)
Fall Out Boy (Publicity photo)

“As far as I know,” bassist Pete Wentz posted on his blog Tuesday, “Fall Out Boy is on a break… I can’t predict that I’d ever play in Fall Out Boy again.”

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump told he is “not in Fall Out Boy right now” and posted on his Twitter feed that something “would have to change in my head or my heart” for him to ever play with the band again.

Fall Out Boy fans can retain some hope the band will at least get together again, at least briefly, sometime in the future. “One way or another, the band will always be around,” Stump said. Pete Wentz posted a similar sentiment on his blog, saying: “There is a possibility that FOB will play again with or without me.”

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Michael Jackson Children Moving Tribute to Father at 2010 Grammy Awards

Michael Jackson‘s children, Prince and Paris Jackson, accepted a lifetime achievement award on behalf of their late father at the 2010 Grammy Awards Sunday night. Wearing red sashes on their arms in honor of their father, Paris and Prince received the award to a standing ovation from the audience.

Paris and Prince Michael Jackson (Photo: CBS)
Paris and Prince Michael Jackson (Photo: CBS)

“We are proud to be here to accept this award on behalf of our father, Michael Jackson,” Prince said. “First of all, we’d like to thank God for watching over us for the past seven months. And our grandmother and grandfather for their love and support.”

“We would also like to thank the fans. Our father loved you so much because you were always there for him. Our father was always concerned about the planet and humanity. Through all his hard work and dedication, he’s helped with many charities and donated to all of them. Through all his songs his message was simple: love. We will continue to spread his message and help spread the word. Thank you. We love you, Daddy.”

Paris closed out the speech with a simple, but heart-rending message. “Daddy was supposed to be here, Daddy was gonna perform this year,” she said. “He couldn’t perform last year. Thank you, we love you, Daddy.”

Children, you do your daddy proud.

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Avatar Box Office Record Sweep for 7th Straight Week

James Cameron‘s Avatar has topped the weekend box office for the seventh week in a row. The sci-fi epic pulled in an esitamed $30 million for the weekend in the U.S., bringing Avatar within easy striking distance of breaking the domestic box office record currently held by Titanic.

Avatar (20th Century Fox)
Avatar (20th Century Fox)

Avatar has already broken nearly every other box office record out there, topping Titanic for highest grossing film of all time and taking the record for the highest grossing film world-wide. All that’s left is the U.S. domestic box office record and Avatar is expected to take that one as well within a few days.

Coming in second at the weekend box office was the Mel Gibson thriller Edge of Darkness, with $17.1 million. The romantic comedy When in Rome debuted in third with $12 million, followed by The Tooth Fairy, The Book of Eli and Legion rounding out the top five.

Avatar may seem like an astounding box office success, but adjust for inflation and the film might not even make the top ten. Films like Gone with the Wind, The Graduate and even 101 Dalmations would have topped it at the box office if you adjusted their earnings to today’s dollars, according to Box Office Mojo.

Chris Aronson of 20th Century Fox, however, says comparing box office sales in such a way doesn’t add up. “Back in 1939, the entertainment options were somewhat limited,” Aronson said. “That was a different world, when the only things competing with movies might be radio theater. It’s not a fair comparison.”

Whether or not Avatar can truly be called the biggest money-making film of all time, no one can argue the film’s success at the box office is spectacular. If someone had pitched us the plot for this movie and said it would make over a billion at the box office, we probably would have thought they were totally nuts.

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John Edwards Sex Tape Spurs Mistress Rielle Hunter Court Battle

Rielle Hunter is headed to court over an alleged John Edwards sex tape she made with the disgraced presidential hopeful while she was pregnant with his love child.

John Edwards (Photo: United States Congress )
John Edwards (Photo: United States Congress )

Rielle Hunter has reportedly obtained a court order demanding former John Edwards aide Andrew Young turn over alleged racy photos and videotapes she says belong to her. The order, according to CBS News, “speaks to video recordings and photographs that depict matters of a private and personal nature.”

Andrew Young talks about the video tapes and photographs in his new book, The Politician. Young says he found a sex tape made by Hunter and Edwards shortly before the January 2008 presidential campaign kicked into full swing.

Andrew Young claims the tape clearly shows John Edwards having a sexual encounter with a woman who is “visibly pregnant” and wearing a ring similar to one Rielle Hunter has been seen wearing.

Young has so far refused to turn over the alleged sex tape and photographs, but is reportedly communicating with police at the Orange County, N.C. Sheriff’s Office regarding the battle with Rielle Hunter over possession of the materials.

Personally, we hope if there is a John Edwards sex tape, it gets burned in a fire before it gets leaked somewhere. Hasn’t Elizabeth Edwards suffered enough? The poor lady really doesn’t need her husband’s naked cheating ass splashed all over the Internet to deal with too. At least she finally officially announced her seperation from the sleazebag. We hope those divorce papers are in the works…

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Tila Tequila Pregnant with Rapper The Game’s Baby?

Former reality TV star Tila Tequila has claimed she is pregnant so many times at this point, we’re just not going to actually believe it until a baby actually pops out of her and swears it isn’t a joke. Even then, we might require DNA proof for verification.

Tila Tequila (Publicity photo)
Tila Tequila (Publicity photo)

Tila Tequila swears this time is for real and has even produced an alleged sonogram backing up her claim. Unlike last time, however, Tequila is not playing surrogate for her brother and his wife – this baby is supposedly all for her. As for the baby’s father, she hinted with comments on her Twitter feed that the daddy is rapper Jayceon Terrell Taylor, otherwise known as “The Game“.

Tequila has been spamming her Twitter feed with references to The Game in every other comment recently. She has not, however, actually come out and directly said he is the father of her alleged baby, but she has called him “babydaddy” repeatedly and stated the rapper was supposed to take her shopping for “the baby clothes.”

The Game posted a brief Tweet last night saying “To My Unborn child (2pack’s voice),” but we have no clue what the hell that means. This is the same guy who Tweeted in the previous comment “#imthetypeto fart in the bath tub & bite the bubble.”

If there is an actual, not-pretend baby on the way for Tila Tequila, we just can’t help but feel rather bad for that poor, poor child.

* Update:  The Game has reportedly told he isn’t the father of any Tila Tequila baby and pretty much wouldn’t touch her with a 50 foot pole or something along those lines. In response, Tequila started slamming The Game all over her Twitter feed and saying crap like ‘I can still have an abortion!’  This chick either has some serious mental issues or there is an alien creature eating through her brain… We vote for the second one.

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Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker Rey Maualuga Arrested for DUI

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested for driving drunk early Friday morning in Kentucky. According to police reports, Maualuga struck two parked cars and a parking meter before being taken into police custody.

Rey Maualuga (Mugshot photo: Kenton County PD)
Rey Maualuga (Mugshot photo: Kenton County PD)

23-year-old Rey Maualuga was arrested around Friday after causing minor damage to two parked cars while driving erratically in northern Kentucky. reports Maualuga was arraigned on charges of drunken and careless driving and released on his own recognizance.

Maualuga could face an NFL fine of up to $50,000 under the league’s substance abuse policy, according to The Bengals organization has yet to comment on the incident.

Oddly enough, this was the same county where WWE wrestling stars Chris Jericho and Greg (Hurricane) Helms were arrested Wednesday for a drunken display at a gas station.

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