Omer Bhatti, Michael Jackson’s Secret Child? New Footage And Pics!


Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti

The internet is burning up with people looking for more info on Omer Bhatti…the possible love child of Michael Jackson. Omer is a Norwegian rapper who goes by the stage name “O-Bee”. He’s said to be seeking a DNA test to prove he’s Michael’s son. One thing seems certain – Omer has had a personal relationship with Michael Jackson for the past 13 years.


Michael and Omer as a child

As we reported earlier, some say Omer is the product of a one night stand in 1984, with Omer’s mother Pia Bhatti. Some stories say that Pia use to be one of Michael’s nurses, and that Omer had lived at the Neverland Ranch in the 1990s. However, there are other unconfirmed reports that Michael did not meet Pia until 1996. Most, however, agree that Omer first met Michael Jackson in 1996 and moved to Neverland Ranch in 1997

25 year-old Omer would be Michael Jackson’s oldest child, and he bears a striking resemblance to Michael’s youngest son Blanket…and to Michael himself before he went completely surgery-crazy. Could Pia be Blanket’s secret mother?! Is Omer little Blanket’s full-blooded brother??

Omer and Blanket

Michael’s brother Jermaine has reportedly stated that Omer would be welcomed into the family if he could prove that he is Michaels son. Fox reported that the Bhatti family refuses to rule out the possibility that Jackson could be Omer’s father.

Here’s some new Jackson family video footage that allegedly shows Omer at Christmas time. What do you think? Is Omer Michael Jackson’s long-lost love-child?

LeAnn Rimes’ House Is For Sale…Affair Coincidence?


LeAnn Rimes has been carrying on a thinly veiled affair with her Lifetime TV-movie co-star Eddie Cibrian. Denials all around…except from Eddie’s wife Brandi Ganville, who has just tossed him out. Brandi says LeAnn and Eddie deserve each other. Deny all you want; Snarkista calls ’em like she sees ’em…and she’s been watching this one for months.

LeAnn’s married too, you know. She’s been hitched for 7 years to that super-pretty Dean Sheremet who used to be a backup dancer…and looks like he’s still probably GREAT at ballet.


LeAnn’s house isn’t too far from Snarkista’s, but it sure is bigger! It’s just hit the market for a cool $7.5 million, which buys you a lot of real estate in the Nashville area. Her peeps say the sale has nothing to do with any affairs or cheating or anything. It’s about spending more time in Hell-A. LeAnn has bounced back and forth from Nashvegas and the West Coast for awhile. Just don’t expect to get as many square feet in the City of Angels, LeAnn. No matter HOW sucky the California real-estate market is.

Kelis Gives Birth To A Boy…Nas Is AWOL


Singer Kelis gave birth to a little boy yesterday, and she’s named him Knight. Thank you, Kelis, for not choosing an IDIOT celeb baby name! The lil’ guy was born in New York City.

Baby Knight’s father Nas, however, wasn’t allowed to be present at the birth, as he is currently entangled in a bitter divorce with Kelis. reports:

“It was his intention to be there for the birth, but unfortunately he has not been allowed to be present. While this is clearly heartbreaking to him, Nas continues to offer his support and love to his new baby boy and his mother.”

Nas and Kelis were actually due in court yesterday for a divorce hearing, but it was postponed for obvious reasons. The duo were married for almost five years. Kelis, however, filed for divorce in April… citing irreconcilable differences…and the gloves have been off ever since. Here’s hoping the babe will be kept out of the fight. Welcome to the world, little Knight.

Does Michael Jackson Have A Secret Love Child?!


July 7: Omer Bhatti (far left) sits beside Rebbie, Janet, Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine at the L.A. memorial service.

Things just get stranger by the day in the Michael Jackson saga. Now rumors are flying that the gloved one had a fourth, secret love child who attended his funeral! The young man, 25 year-old dancer Omer Bhatti, sat alongside Jackson’s grieving brothers and sisters during the memorial tribute two weeks ago.


The Sun is reporting that Bhatti is Jackson’s fourth child and that his childhood photos show an uncanny likeness to 7 year-old Blanket, Michael’s youngest “official” child.

Reportedly, Michael told close friends in 2004 that the Norwegian Bhatti was born following a one-night stand in 1984 with Pia Bhatti.

Omer Bhatti is now rumored to be seeking a DNA test to discover the truth. If the test is confirmed, Omar would be Michael’s oldest child, and might join in any contest of Michael’s will. Stay tuned…who knows what the next twist will be in the aftermath of Jackson’s mysterious life and death.

Update: More pictures and footage of Michael’s possible love child.

Katie Holmes Looking Horrible…Maybe It’s The New Flick…


Good grief, Katie Holmes is looking even more tired than usual these days. Tired and haggard and stalked. Stalked by her ever-present Scientology handlers, Kate was snapped attempting to play with lil’ bot Suri during a break from shooting her new horror flick “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.”

Katie has way more shizz to be afraid of than the stupid dark! THETANS AND TOMMY GIRL, just to name a couple. Lord, the poor thing has aged 20 years since she hooked up with the former Top Gun.

Somebody please save Katie. People save the whales, you know…but it would take a Mission Impossible operation to rescue Katie from the clutches of Xenu. She’s shooting her movie in Australia- that’s where those “Whale Wars” Sea Shepherds are…couldn’t they throw some of their stinky bombs at her zombie jailers? If not, can’t someone at LEAST call her parents?!

Is Paula Abdul Ditching American Idol?!


Shocking reports today that lovable American Idol judge Paula Abdul may not return to the show for next season. Is there a catfight going on between Paula and newbie judge Kara Dioguardi?? The L.A. Times reports that David Sonenberg, Abdul’s manager, told them this about Paula’s contract negotiations.

Sonenberg said American Idol production companies FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment haven’t presented him with a proposed contract yet. He says the “rude producers” are behind this shizz.

“I find it under these circumstances particularly unusual; I think unnecessarily hurtful,” Sonenberg said of the contract holdup. “I find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven’t stepped up and said what they want to do.”

Don’t fire Paula!! The show won’t be the same without her unicorns and rainbows! Who will slur their words and be more entertaining than the contestants??? 19E, you’re making a BIG mistake.

R.I.P Walter Cronkite: Cronkite Announcing JFK’s Death

The world lost a great man last night, the legendary Walter Cronkite. Cronkite was the voice of news in America for an enormously long time…the man America trusted to bring them the truth in a truly unbiased way. He was the first real “anchor”, and not only was he the head anchor at CBS, he was managing editor- Walter chose what stories were headlined and what were not. He was 92 years old. Rest in peace, Walter. Here is one of his most famous moments…announcing the death of President John F. Kennedy to the world. He was the greatest.