Authorities Release New Audio Interviews In Casey Anthony Case

* UPDATE: Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years Minus Time Served: Jurors Felt Sick Over Verdict

Orange County Florida Detectives have just released audio interviews today in relation to the Casey Anthony case. Casey is the only person of interest in the disappearance of her 3 year old daughter Caylee Anthony. It has been 71 days since Caylee Anthony was reported missing. Detectives believe that sadly, she’s dead. Authorities released hundreds of pages of transcripts on Tuesday, viewable here. These newly released audio interviews are part of the documentation detailed in those transcripts. They are interviews with three of the men closest to Casey…her lover, her brother, and her ex-fiance. 

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Leaving Jail For The Third Time

Casey Anthony High-Fives After Third Release From Jail

Some highlights include Casey’s brother Lee Anthony telling investigators he didn’t believe Casey when she said the terrible smell in her trunk came from two dead squirrels under the hood. Lee told investigators his first indication that something was terribly wrong was noticing the horrible smell wafting from Casey’s car trunk.

“The trunk was open. The windows were rolled down to what I assume ventilate the horrible smell that I had just, just, uh, smelled for the first time,” he said. “It was, it was, it hit you like a, a wave. I mean it was, it was, whatever it was it was very potent.” Lee also tells investigators that ALL of Casey’s email prior to July 15th (when Casey’s mom dragged her ass home) has been deleted. Everything.

Casey’s ex-fiance Jesse Grund feels Casey would have put Caylee’s body under her playhouse.

“If she wanted to place Caylee’s body somewhere that would be the first place that she would have put her.” Grund went on to tell investigators that Casey was a liar. “We can all tell, for the last couple of years, is that Casey is an effective liar. I would describe it as diabolical the way she lies.”

Video: More Audio Interviews Released By Authorities In Casey Anthony Case: “Confronting Casey”

Audio Of Interview With Tony Lazarro, Casey Anthony’s Boyfriend At The Time Caylee Went Missing July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Brother Lee Anthony July 29

Audio Of Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 23

Audio Of Second Interview With Casey Anthony’s Ex-Fiance Jesse Grund July 31

Authorities previously released audio interrogations conducted with Casey herself. Casey seems to truly be an emotionless sociopath, and is caught in lie after pathological lie on tape. Casey shows little emotion about being caught in her lies. She has since stonewalled authorities, despite having been in and out of jail three times since Caylee’s disappearance. Casey has been charged with child neglect, lying to authorities, and many counts of economic fraud from stealing checks and using them. She is facing an estimated 70 years in jail for these crimes, but it would be unlikely that she served near that amount of time.

The huge amount of written transcripts show Casey’s texting addiction, with over 500 text messages Casey sent to her friends after Caylee was missing. Casey is wanting them to party with her, and there are only two brief mentions of little Caylee. Casey’s world was sex, drinking, drugs, and rock-n- roll.
You can hear the audio of those interrogations here.

Party Girl Casey Anthony
Party-Girl Casey Anthony

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  1. Could everyone be wrong??? This lying bi-polar, probobly even tri-polar if there is such a thing will even throw her own family and so called friends under the bus once her trial begins and that is only a matter of time. Remember, they do noy need a body to convict her and her not passing her own polygraph that her own attorney gave to her in August is the icing on the “devils food cake” Her family also reeks worse than the smell from the Pontiac since they obviously know far too much abd will not take the Mr. Klass approach and remove all doubt from everyones mind. I could go on and on but why??? In closing let me just say, Casey meet Joran, Joran meet Casey. You two are made for each other and will be together in hell one day!!!

  2. Look, collectively, anyone with a pulse can smell the B/S Casey is throwing around; she isn’t fooling anyone. When I was a single guy, I dated MANY single moms, and sadly their attitudes towards their kids varied. Some were GREAT parents…others, not so much. Some women viewed their kids as blessings, others viewed their kids as “anchors” to their social lives. I’m “GUESSING” Casey looked at motherhood with a groan & a sigh….
    Don’t worrk Casey, in 5 years….you will have been forgotten by society as you slowly rot in your jailcell.

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  4. So why do we have courts. Pathetic bloggers and self adsorbed web sites have all the information. The public has tried and convicted Ms. Anthony based on pictures and second hand often skewed “information”. Why not just get a mob and execute her in some publicly satisfying horrific manner, such as stoning, no trial needed. Everybody knows the answer, Ha! All murders are the same whether they be killing for personal enjoyment, revenge, in the name of the lord or for justice, all just rationalizations. So just go murder Ms. Anthony to satisfy the blood lust of the mob. If they are wrong? Oops, well she was just a party slut anyway too bad. Go to church and be forgiven, amen.

  5. The state only has circumstantial evidence. The jury should dissmiss this case. There is nothing that directly links Casey to the death of Caylee. No murder weapon. She wasn’t home at the time of death. Stop demonizing single moms. Whats wrong with you people?

  6. TO BAD BOY 88:
    Uh ok, yeah, let’s just let her go free. Gee, she NEVER reported her daughter missing. If it wasn’t for gma, it would’ve NEVER BEEN REPORTED PERIOD! 31 days, death in the trunk, partying while kid is missing, Caylee’s blanket from her house, the tape from her house, lying her freagin ass off to everyone about this whole thing, not to mention all the other “circumstantial” evidence they have on her!!! Nah, she’s so innocent, yeah, let’s just set her free…Are you actually following this case or are you just another “DELUSIONAL SCAMTHONY family member”? Set her free??? What a moron!

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