Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: The Real Story?

News broke this morning that The Bachelor star Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna Girardi broke up, but why they called off their engagement is still a source of heavy speculation. Earlier gossip claimed Jake dumped Vienna after suspecting her of cheating with Greek actor Gregory Michael. The real truth is likely a lot more complicated.

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)

Vienna Girardi adamantly denies she ever cheated on Jake Pavelka with anyone. “The accusations of me cheating are completely fabricated. 100% false,” Girardi said in a post on her Twitter feed. reported earlier in the day that sources claimed Jake Pavelka broke off his engagement to Girardi over suspicion she was hooking up with actor Gregory Michael.

Now the gossip site claims Girardi’s stepmother, Lisa, says Jake Pavelka was a “total fraud” just out for fame and was never in love with Vienna in the first place., on the other hand, claims Jake broke up with Vienna because she was too “needy” and didn’t give him enough space in the relationship.

Some sources claim Jake and Vienna broke up only in the last 48 hours, while others claim the split happened a month ago. Obviously no one really has any clue about what really went on between Jake and Vienna behind the scenes.

Regardless, Jake Pavelka said he was sad over the whole break up, calling it a “long story.” He also said he had recently spoken to Vienna and the former couple Vienna “will remain friends,” according to a video of the former Bachelor star on

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  1. you should of choosed the girl who you sent home on the fianl blartch jake you should of choosed the girl that was wearing a yellow dress but you send her home and choosed nienna to bat fore you

  2. He should have chosen Tenley. Himself and Vienna would have broken it off eventually, it was nothing but “passion, passion, passion” the whole time. They didn’t have love. They didn’t have a connection.

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