Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: Vienna Cheating?

Bachelor Jake Pavelka and fiancée Vienna Girardi have broken up and called off their engagement, a rep for the couple confirmed on Tuesday. Now rumors are popping up that Jake may have believed Vienna was cheating on him.

Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)
Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka on THE BACHELOR (ABC)

“Jake and Vienna have split,” the former couple’s rep said in a press statement. “They appreciate the respect for their privacy at this time.”

No official reason was given for the broken engagement, but rumor has it Jake Pavelka may have been experiencing some jealousy pains. claims sources have told them Jake thought fiancée Vienna Girardi had allegedly been cheating on him with Greek actor Gregory Michael.

Then again, we’ve seen a rumors circulating out there that it was Jake who was actually the one suspected of stepping out. Maybe Jake’s decision to take the gig on Dancing With the Stars just put too much distance in the relationship while it was still in the early stages.

Whatever the cause of Jake and Vienna’s break up, we kind of hope he might try to hook up with rejected The Bachelor contestant Ali – the girl we thought he should have picked in the first place!

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9 thoughts on “Bachelor Jake and Vienna Break Up: Vienna Cheating?”

  1. I think Jake & Vienna should take a step back “out of the media” and “find each other” They are good together… Ali is a SNAKE! I’m not even watching The Bachelorette this season.

  2. I agree Ali is a snake and is totally fake. She only left the the bachlor show to get her own show. Complete set-up. And she is alos only in it for the fame. Maybe her and Jake are right for each. Both so fake and only looking for fame.

  3. Lord help the spoiled women of the world who think it’s all about them….they would never survive the Military lifestyle where distance, constantly rebuilding careers and friends, long hours and long seperations are part of the job. We do it to be supportive because it’s not about us. Grow up.

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