Bachelor Pad 2012 Finale Recap: Who Won Bachelor Pad 3!

On Bachelor Pad 2012 Monday night, we will finally find out who won Bachelor Pad 3, but not before we get through a whole night of major drama and wild final twists. This Bachelor Pad 2012 finale is something you absolutely do not want to miss. Join us for our Bachelor Pad 3 recap of the finale and watch all the action live with us as it goes down!


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from the Bachelor Pad 3 finale. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Bachelor Pad 3 host Chris Harrison said in Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers that tonight’s finale will be the “most shocking, most disturbing finale ever” and I can’t wait to watch the drama unfold! According to Harrison, the Bachelor Pad 2012 finale was so crazy, everyone involved was left “stunned and speechless” at the end of filming for the show.

Only two couples remain to battle it out on the Bachelor Pad 3 finale: Sarah Newton and Chris Bukowski versus Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson. At the end of the night, only one couple will be left standing and they will have to individually choose whether they want to share the $250,000 prize… or keep it all for themselves.

Tonight’s Bachelor Pad 2012 finale looks like it is going to be a total blast. Chris Harrison said it is “one of the wildest, craziest, most dramatic and dvestatingly stunning shows you have ever seen” and that sounds awesome. Let’s find out if the Bachelor Pad 3 finale can possible stand up to all that hype in our live recap!

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  1. It makes sense that Nick would choose to keep it all himself. Rachel was so upset when Michael left the show and didn’t want to be partners with anyone else. If it was me, I wouldn’t have the heart to keep it al l myself and I would have felt horrible. I was a bit shocked at how rude he was about it. On the brighter side, congratulations to Blakely and Tony on their engagement.

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