In the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for Monday night’s episode, we heard the feud between Ed Swiderski and Reid Rosenthal would heat up to possible catfight level during the show. Our Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers also clued us in to some more nasty remarks from bachelor Kalon McMahon about bachelorette Erica Rose in episode 3. Apparently these Bachelor Pad 2012 contestants just can’t keep a civil tongue in their heads, and we can’t wait to watch all the drama unfold in our Bachelor Pad 3 recap tonight!


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from the premiere episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Last week on Bachelor Pad 2012, six roses were handed out to Ed, David, Kalon, Nick, Reid, and Tony. Ryan was unfortunately sent home with neither a new love or cash in his pocket. All of the Bachelor Pad 3 cast ladies were luckily declared safe last week and none of them were sent home.

This week the bachelors and bachelorettes will compete in a “Hot Sludge Funday” obstacle course and get covered in disgusting ice-cream themed goo.

In addition to all the feuding going on between Ed Swiderski and Reid Rosenthal, and Kalon McMahon and Erica Rose, tonight’s Bachelor Pad 2012 episode 3 should also feature more romantic moments. In the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for Monday night’s episode, it was revealed that one of the Bachelor Pad 3 cast ‘super fans’ might just finally have some luck with the man of her dreams. We can’t wait to see!

Ready to know what happens? Read on in our live Bachelor Pad 3 recap of episode 3 and find out with usThe show begins tonight with Sarah discussing how terrible (wah-wah) she feels about being pushed to eliminate Ed. She is upset that David was not the one sent home and thinks she has ruined any chance she had to build a relationship with Ed.

Reid is concerned that Ed might find out he was the one pushing the vote to get him thrown out. Ed threatens to leave while talking to Jaclyn, but eventually comes around and gets back into game focus.

Host Chris Harrison tells the contestants that they will be competing in couples for the next challenge, which will be a crazy obstacle course. Reid says if Ed happens to get in his way, he is totally going to take him down. David says he really needs a rose to make sure he is safe.

The challenge tonight is a relay obstacle course of “hot sludge funday” that forces the contestants to wade through disgusting gooey fudge and ice cream toppings. The losing couple will end up with a vote against them in the rose ceremony. The winning couple will each get a rose. Kalon is pissed because he gets paired with Erica when random couples are rotated to end up with different people. He snarkily remarks that Erica can just eat her way through the challenge.

The winning team in the end is a tight finish between Michael and David. Host Chris Harrison says the finish will have to be reviewed to determine who the winner is.

In the end, it is David and Rachel who come out the winners, with Ed and Jamie coming in last.

David chooses Erica Rose, Blakely, and Jamie to go on a date. Chris is upset that David chose Jamie, which frankly makes no sense considering he already rejected her.

The date is to relive high school memories with a prom dance with balloons, a photo booth and the whole shebang. The ladies get to pick out dresses and David wears a tux. He thinks it is going to be a blast to get to take out all three girls. Erica and Jamie try to get into the fun of the whole thing, but Blakely just seems irritated and acts bitchy and rude. She thinks Jamie is stupid for trying to be friendly because this isn’t “high school.”

Back at the mansion, Reid doesn’t want Ed to know he was behind the push to vote him out in the last elimination. Reid plays Ed like a flute and leaves Ed feeling like they are friends because they are bonded over being on The Bachelorette together. Ed doesn’t get he is being manipulated.

David and the ladies dance and have fun. Blakely doesn’t like it that David seems to be liking Jamie. Blakely is worried that David will give Jamie the rose. She tries to move in on them and be the center of David’s attention. However, the move backfires when David decides to give Jamie the rose and spends some one-on-one time with her.

At the mansion, the rest of the bachelors and bachelorettes are partying hard. Ed gets totally wasted and gets way too friendly with Jacklyn and everyone else has to cringe at his behavior.

For her date, Rachel chooses Michael, Nick, and Tony. They all head off to the Hollywood wax museum where they find a statue of host Chris Harrison. Actually though, it turns out to be the real Chris Harrison and he surprises them. He says they will be made into wax figures to surprise fans.

At the mansion Jamie goes to see Chris to talk. He tells her that he is tired and he doesn’t want to talk tonight, but it is him and not her.

Rachel and the guys all put on latex makeup at the wax museum and scare the hell out of some people and everyone has a blast. At the end of the date, Rachel chooses Michael to give her rose to because she is crushing on him hard, of course.

Over at the mansion, Reid wants to get Ed and Blakely out. Sarah is feeling way too guilty and tells Ed that Reid is trying to get him voted out… again. Ed is pissed as hell. He goes after Reid about his lies. He says he knows Ed is playing both sides. Ed doesn’t say who told him Reid was lying to him. Reid says the weak links in the game and the strongest people have to go. Ed is furious.

The elimination is now approaching and David, Michael, Jamie and Rachel are all safe tonight. Blakely is freaked out that she may go home because she is desperate for the money, but Chris tells her he thinks they will be okay. Tony and Michael also reassure her. They say the guys are going to vote to send Donna home.

Erica, meanwhile, tells Donna the others are trying to vote her out. She thinks Blakely will be the one to go out though.

Reid talks to Jaclyn and says he thinks Ed and Blakely will be the ones who are eliminated tonight. Jacklyn immediately goes and spills to Ed that Reid thinks he will be going home and tried to get her to be his partner when Ed is eliminated.

David and Rachel pass out the roses in the ceremony tonight.

Safe: Erica, Kalon, Lindzi, Chris, Sarah, Tony, Jaclyn, Nick… and… Blakely and Ed! Looks like Donna and Reid are the two voted out this week. Boy, Reid just didn’t see that coming did he? Bye Reid!

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