Bachelor Pad 2012 Recap: Episode 5 – Shocking Twist and Wild Ending!

On Bachelor Pad 2012 Monday night, ABC has already promised us a “shocking twist” during the cocktail party. Plus, we’ve heard in our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers that tonight’s ending and Rose Ceremony aftermath will be totally wild to watch! We can’t wait! Join us for our Bachelor Pad 2012 recap of episode 5 and find out the dish on all the drama!


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from the premiere episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Tonight on Bachelor Pad 3, the remaining bachelors and bachelorettes will compete in a tea cup stacking challenge titled “Great Fall of China” — yes, terrible pun. The one-on-one dates for the winners will include a Pretty Woman style tour of Los Angeles, and a night of camping out in the wilderness. According to the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for the show, ABC says tonight’s episode will contain a “shocking twist” during the cocktail party that will send “one confident player scrambling for survival.”

We also hear in some additional Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for tonight that the show is going to have one of the wild and craziest endings ever, according to The Bachelor 15 star Ashley Spivey. In fact, she said on her blog that Bachelor pad 3, episode 5 will have the “most dramatic rose ceremony aftermath ever!” We can’t wait to see what that is all about! So let’s get right on with our Bachelor Pad 2012 recap of episode 5 and see what happens!

Poor Chris Bukowski. His grand plan to get Blakely Jones voted off Bachelor Pad 3 last week totally  fell flat and now he knows she is going to target him. At the start of the show tonight, he is feeling very alone and sorry for himself.

Well, alone except for Sarah Newlon, of course, whom he is enjoying cuddling in bed with.

Kalon McMahon decides he wants to have a word with Chris after everything that went down last week and confronts him. Kalon said it only made sense that Jamie Otis go home last week and he says Chris is a loose canon.

Not to be outdone, Chris decides to go and do some confronting of his own and goes off to get in Ed Swiderski‘s face. He says Ed lied to him about voting against Blakely. Ed says he changed his vote because he had heard about what Chris had been doing from his partner. Launch mega-drama! Chris and Ed get into a man catfight complete with yelling. Ed says that he will not be told what to do by Chris. Chris says he is totally responsible for Ed still being in the game. They are kind of cute when they are being pissy.

The Bachelor Pad 3 contestants gather for the “Great Fall of China” competition, which this week involves having to stack up six tea cups and saucers and move them as fast as possible. In a different little twist this week, the losers in the competition will not have an automatic vote against them at the Rose Ceremony.

Blakely would appear to have an advantage here because she used to be a Hooters waitress, but it turns out she is a total fail and totally wipes out by dropping her tray full of tea cups.

Unfortunately for Sarah, although she finishes first, she ends up being disqualified for touching her tea cups. Bad Sarah! Recovering from her initial fail, Blakely manages to pull down the win for the ladies. She is thrilled now that she will be safe and get to vote against Chris at the Rose Ceremony.

Now the men have their turn and at first, it seems like Chris might have this in the bag, much to Blakely’s dismay. Blakely tries hard to coach his opposition to win. In the end, it is Tony Pieper who grabs the prize; he says Blakely’s coaching was very helpful.

Host Chris Harrison asks Blakely if she is going to choose Tony for her date and she says she is. Since she is going to pick Tony, Chris Harrison tells Blakely to choose a guy to save from being eliminated wh will also get to have a one-on-one date. Blakely chooses Kalon to save and give the date to.

Blakely gets to choose between two dates. The #2 date will be an overnight date. She chooses that one. Kalon gets date #1. Tony will also be given a rose to give out at the end of his date to save one of the ladies form elimination at the next Rose Ceremony.

When it comes time for Kalon to choose his date, he has to pick a ‘Pretty Woman’ to go on a date with. He picks Lindzi Cox, of course. He receives two boxes. She opens one and it is a gorgeous box of diamond and sapphire jewels. The second box has the key to a Bentley. Very posh date indeed!

The date turns out to be a romantic dinner on a closed off bridge. Kalon goes all out and tells Lindzi he is totally in love with her. Awwwhhhh.

Back at the mansion, Chris is pissed off that he was ruling the world, and now he is dirt in the house. He wants to try to get Lindzi out for revenge against Kalon. He starts working on Ed with sweet talk to get him to come over to his plan. Ed seems ready to go along with it because he doesn’t trust Kalon.

Blakely and Tony get their date card, which says they will be ‘seeing the stars’. The two head off in a Jeep to a remote location with a trailer to spend the night in. Blakely was not expecting this kind of date at all! Poor Blakely, no champagne and cavier for you? Even with the rough location, the date seems to go decently well.

Tony and Blakely return from their camping out date and tell the rest of the contestants they had a great time. When he has a chance to get Tony alone, Chris works him not to give his rose to Lindzi so they can get her out to weaken Kalon’s game. Tony, of course, tells Blakely and she says hell no… she wants it to be Chris and Sarah who get voted out this week. Tony decides to give his rose to Jaclyn, thwarting Chris and his scheming.

At the Rose Ceremony, Chris Harrison talks about all the couples that have paired up in the house. Ed notes that he did not come into the house for a hook-up. This offends his partner Jaclyn, who has been sleeping with her in the same bed.

Next Chris Harrison announces there will be a huge “shocking twist” just as ABC promised this week. He says everyone will get to vote out whatever woman they think should go home and the woman who ends up getting voted out will be the person who decides which guy will also go home.

The bachelors and bachelorettes are now in an uproar about who to vote out and have to think about which lady would take which guy with her if she sent home. Voting out Sarah is no longer a good option because she is likely to take down one of the leaders in the house.

Michael decides voting out Erica would be the best move, but he also wants to get Chris out. So he tries to get her to believe that Chris is targeting her so she’ll take him out when she gets sent home.

Probably chastised behind the scenes by production, and knowing he has pissed off his partner Jaclyn, Ed apologizes for saying he did not want a romantic relationship in the house in front of host Chris Harrison.
Erica confronts Chris about hearing he is going to vote against her at elimination. He tells her it is all lies and not to listen to any such BS.

Chris talks to Kalon and says he does not get how it came down that Erica thinks he is targeting her. When it comes time to vote, he makes a bold move and — in a first for Bachelor Pad — votes against Lindzi right in front of Erica to prove that Michael was lying to her.

In the end, it is Lindzi who receives a rose and Erica who ends up voted out. Erica gets to choose one guy to take out with her and she decides to pick… Michael.

Rachel is devestated that Erica has chosen Michael to go home. Boy, that plan of his to make Chris look bad backfired all over the place didn’t it?

Erica says she took Michael out because he was a liar and a bad person. If she had to go, props to Erica for taking down Michael with her!

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  1. I was a little shocked to see Michael go home, but it didn’t surprise me once Erica found out that she was going to pick him to leave. I missed last night’s episode, so this morning I was able to catch up and watch the whole episode using the Auto Hop feature on my Hopper. It will automatically skip the commercials for me, so I got ready to head into work at Dish while I was watching it. I was hoping it was going to be Chris to go home, but I am glad that everyone is finally realizing how much he is playing everyone.

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