After last week’s Bachelor Pad 3 eviction of Michael Stagliano, devastated Rachel Truehart broke down in tears over the loss of her newfound love. In our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for tonight’s episode, we hear Rachel Truehart will pair up with another lonely player in a new strategy to win the $250k prize. Join us for our Bachelor Pad 3 recap as we find out if Rachel’s rebound will keep her in the running this week.


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from episode 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Bachelor Pad 3 cutie Rachel Truehart was left in tears after her love interest Michael Stagliano was voted out last week. This week, however, she can’t linger on her heart-break if she hopes to make it to that $250k prize at the end of the season. In our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for this week’s episode, we hear that Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson will pair up in a new strategy to make it to the end — but the coupling will not be a romantic one.

According to our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers, Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson will decide to pair up after host Chris Harrison announces that all contestants have to pair up in teams of two. From now on, the pairs have to compete with each other and they will be voted out in pairs.

On tonight’s Bachelor Pad 3 episode, the remaining bachelors and bachelorettes will have to compete in a spelling bee challenge. The winners will then head out on one-on-one dates. One of the dates will be a barn hoedown, and the other will be a day exploring the Channel Islands.

Bachelor Pad 3 launches tonight with Rachel Truehart still stobbing over her ‘love’ Michael having to leave the show after Erica Rose was sent home and took him with her.

Host Chris Harrison announces that from now on, the bachelors and bachelorettes will have to compete — and be eliminated — in pairs. Since Nick and Rachel have both been left alone, they partner up as a team.

Meanwhile, Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newton are feeling very lucky they are still both in the competition considering how large the targets are on their backs.

For the competition on tonight’s Bachelor Pad 2012 episode, the pairs head off on a school bus to compete in a spelling bee. The judges for the challenge are the best kid spellers in California.

After nine grueling rounds of spelling, the last two couples standing are Ed Swiderski and Jaclyn Swartz, and Chris and Sarah. In a final showdown, it is unfortunately Ed and Jaclyn who lose out. Chris and Sarah win the challenge. Ed and Jaclyn win an overnight date as their reward for coming in second.

Pretty much no one except Chris and Sarah are happy about them winning. They now have roses and are safe from elimination. Blakely Jones cries, she is so upset.

Chris and Sarah head out on their date, which starts in a limo, goes on to a private plane, and then ends up on an old train ride to a picnic and swim by the water front. Chris says he is still recovering from not being chosen by Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette and he still has to hold himself back. While he isn’t totally over Emily, he is still having a good time with Sarah, he just wants to keep things moving slowly.

Rachel Truehart, meanwhile, is thinking that without Michael, being on Bachelor Pad 3 isn’t worth it even for the possibility of winning 250K. She wants to just leave, but Jaclyn and Blakely are all no to this whole train of thougth and they want to work on getting out Lindzi Cox and Kalon Mcmahon.

Sarah and Chris spend the last part of their date in a barn, which is actually more romantic than it sounds.

Jaclyn and Ed go out on their overnight date. They too get the limo treatment and head out on a private plane. Jaclyn is worried because she doesn’t want to have her heart broken again.

Ed and Jaclyn share a romantic picnic and Ed makes a huge confession. He tells Jaclyn that he has a girl back home he was dating. He admits that he broke up with this girl so he could be single for the show, but he still has feelings for her.

Jaclyn is totally pissed and upset. She feels betrayed and says she would not have done the things she did with Ed had she known. Jaclyn feels like she trusted Ed and he totally made her feel ridiculous and stabbed in the back.

Tony Pieper has a surprise date with Blakeley, who reveals she has serious trust issues and it will take a really strong guy to break through her walls. They can’t deny the connection they have though and he isn’t about to give up.

Jaclyn is totally depressed now that she knows she slept with Ed while his heart is still with some other girl back home. She says she never would have done that if she knew he never intended to pursue a relationship.

Ed backtracks a bit and manages to convince Jaclyn she still has a chance with him. After all, they sleep in the same bed and doesn’t that make them a couple? Still hopeful, Jaclyn lets him persuade her and they head up to that bed together.

Jaclyn and Ed are given two roses and they can use them to save a couple from eviction, but cannot use them to keep themselves safe. The rest of the couples, of course, suck up to Jaclyn and Ed in order to secure those roses. In the end, Ed and Jaclyn give their roses to Blakely and Tony, keeping them safe from elimination this week.

Before the votes are cast in the Rose Ceremony, Tony is pissed as hell when he finds Rachel on the phone with eliminated player Michael. He is seriously angry because if she gets sent home, so will he.

At the final vote, however, it is Kalon and Lindzi who end up the victims of the night as they are sent home.

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