On Bachelor Pad 2012 this week, the remaining four couples faced a harsh challenge and an even tougher cut when two pairs were forced to go home. The Bachelor Pad 3 finale is just a week away and the drama is reaching critical mass. Join us for our Bachelor Pad 2012 recap and find out what happened and who was eliminated!


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from episode 7. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

When Bachelor Pad 3 host Chris Harrison reveals this week’s challenge to the Bachelor Pad 2012 contestants, they are daunted to say the least. In one of the toughest challenges ever, the Bachelor Pad 2012 partners were split up and one was put up on a platform above the pool while the other answered trivia questions.

For every wrong trivia answer, a rope for the platform above the pool is cut. When all the ropes are cut, the partner above the pool has to hang on to a metal bar and try not to fall off into the pool.

Blakeley Jones is the first Bachelor Pad 3 contestant to answer three questions wrong, leaving her partner Tony Pieper hanging. Unfortunately, he just couldn’t hang on long and ends up in the pool. Nick Peterson is the next to fail his partner, leaving Rachel Truehart hanging… until she loses her grip and falls into the pool. Finally, Jaclyn Swartz loses at the trivia and leaves partner Ed Swiderski to get doused in the pool as well. In the end, it is Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newlon who end up Bachelor Pad 2012 winners again.

The winners of the challenge will be given the opportunity to send home one of the other couples. Chris and Sarah discuss their strategy and then come to a final decision. Before it is announced, however, the other couples are given a chance to make a final plea in hope they can change (or reinforce) Chris and Sarah’s decision.

Even though Tony gives an emotional appeal about being friends with Chris and how he wants to win to help provide for his son, Chris finally announced that they will be eliminating Tony and Blakely from Bachelor Pad 3.

Blakely cries all through the goodbyes and tells Tony the elimination is all because of her. He tries to comfort her. Although Blakely is devestated at being eliminated, and they both really wanted the cash prize, both she and Tony feel happy they found each other.

Next up, Chris Harrison announces a second challenge for the couples that will result in another elimination. The final three Bachelor Pad 2012 couples will have to learn and perform a song with a band, which will be judged by Night Ranger of “Sister Christian” fame. The winner of the competition will automatically be given a slot in the finals.

The couples have just 24 hours to learn and practice their song and try to work out their performances with the band. Let’s be clear, they all pretty much suck really bad. Chris actually ends up writing the lyrics to the song on his arms.

The next day, Rachel and Nick start off the performances and of the three, they maybe have the best vocals — although that is not saying much at all. They receive a standing ovation, however, and Night Ranger seems to approve.

Up next are Jaclyn and Ed. They are just downright terrible. They can’t remember the lyrics, they try to ask to start over (and can’t), and they try to sexy dance their way out of it. Total and utter fail.

Last comes Sarah and Chris. They are both aweful singers, but they do try to get the crowd going with a mini-striptease and running around the stage shaking it like crazy. In their case, however, it’s actually a little bit sexy rather than just scary like Ed and Jaclyn.

The judges make their ruling. While they announced that Sarah and Chris were probably more entertaining, the best performance of the night has to go to Nick and Rachel. Rachel and Nick will now be guaranteed a spot in the Bachelor Pad 2012 finale.

Once again, the winning couple will get to choose who will be eliminated. Although Rachel really wants to take Jaclyn to the Bachelor Pad 3 finale, Nick counsels that they could very well lose to Jaclyn and Ed in the finale. If they keep Chris and Sarah, they are not as likely to get votes. Rachel is not sure about this, wondering if the others will want to reward Chris and Sarah for being good game players even if they are not well liked.

At the rose ceremony, it comes as rather a shock to everyone when it is announced that Ed and Jaclyn will be the ones going home. Rachel is in tears and so is Jaclyn. In fact, Jaclyn is so pissed, she doesn’t even accept Rachel’s apology hug.

As Rachel talks about how “money is ugly” and she feels terrible about her decision to eliminate her friend, Jaclyn curses Rachel in the limo as she leaves… vowing that she will vote for Chris and Sarah.

Bachelor Pad 2012 host Chris Harrison says next week’s Bachelor Pad 3 finale will be the “most shocking, most disturbing finale ever” and we can’t wait to see if that is a big load of hype or actually turns out to be awesome drama.

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