Bachelor Pad 2012 Spoilers: Chris Harrison Dishes on Bachelor Pad 3 Finale! (VIDEO)

The Bachelor Pad 3 finale is here at last and tonight we’ll find out which of four couples will finally end up as the last two standing. In Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers about the Bachelor Pad 3 finale, host Chris Harrison said it is going to be a shocking and insane night.

According to Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from Harrison, the Bachelor Pad 3 finale will be “one of the wildest, craziest, most dramatic and devastatingly stunning shows you have ever seen.”

Bachelor Pad 3 host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Weekly everyone was “stunned and speechless” at the filming of the Bachelor Pad 2012 finale. “There was so much,” Harrison said. “There was so much drama, and there was so much emotion… it was a wild night.”

“It is emotional, and it is disturbing. it is an incredible finale,” Harrison said. “It may be two of the best hours we’ve ever produced in the 10 years that we’ve been doing any franchise. It may be the best show that we’ve ever put on air.”

The only regret about the show Harrison has, he says, is that the Bachelor Pad 3 finale “is going to get lost in the end-of-summer, football, and other shows… I almost wish it could have a bigger, better stage than early September, which is kind of the dead part of television, because it is incredible.

“It is absolutely amazing,” Harrison told Entertainment Weekly. “One of those Emmy-worthy shows for sure.” Wow, I can’t wait to tune in to see this go down after that kind of description from Harrison!

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