Bachelor Pad 2012 Spoilers: Episode 5 – Teacups and Crazy Twists!

In the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for Monday night’s episode 5, it looks like the drama will reach all new levels of insanity with what one spoiler source is calling the “the craziest ending that I’ve ever seen.” Plus, our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers tells us there will also be a “shocking twist” during the cocktail party that will put a previously considered “safe” player in danger of going home.


This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from episode 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Tonight on Bachelor Pad 2012, the contestants will compete in a silly challenge of racing around stacking teacups, as you can see in the photos here. From the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers we have from the competition, it looks like Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox will end up going on a Pretty Woman-themed date, and Rachel Truehart and Michael Stagliano will end up going on a camping date in the wilderness.

ABC has already announced in the official Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for tonight’s epsisode that there will be a “shocking twist” during the cocktail party that will send “one confident player scrambling for survival.”

We also hear in some behind-the-scenes Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers for episode 5 that one player becomes so upset over what happens tonight that they ask to consult with the show’s lawyers, according to a Twitter post by Bachelor Pad 1 winner Natalie Getz. Unfortunately we reportedly will not get to actually see what that is all about, it’s worth keeping eyes wide open to see what might have happened to prompt such a response.

If you want really big Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers on who will be going home on tonight’s show, we hear the two people getting the boot tonight are going to be… Erica Rose and Michael Stagliano. Considering that other Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers are showing Michael going on one of the dates… and therefore assumed to be safe… there must be something very interesting going on with that aforementioned ‘twist’.

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