Bachelor Pad 2012 Spoilers: Which Bachelor Pad 3 Couple is Engaged?

We have huge Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers for all the fans out there who just can’t wait until the Bachelor Pad 2012 finale to find out which couple fell in love so hard, they will shortly be walking down the aisle! According to the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers we’ve uncovered, there will indeed be at least one marriage proposal going down on the show this season!

Want to know which Bachelor Pad 3 cast members are now officially engaged? Read on in our Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers to find out!


This post contains major Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers about the fate of some of the Bachelor Pad 2012 cast and spoilers from the finale. Please STOP reading here if you do not want to know!

Last season on Bachelor Pad 2, fans were lucky enough to witness the marriage proposal and engagement of Blake Julian and Holly Durst. This season on Bachelor Pad 3, fans will also be gifted with a proposal on the show.

According to Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers from the guru of all things Bachelor, Reality Steve, it will be Bachelor Pad 2012 cast member Tony Pieper will be the one who pops the question on the show this year to love interest Blakeley Jones. According to the Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers, Tony Pieper will propose to Blakely Jones during the Bachelor Pad 3 finale.

We also hear that off the show, Blakeley Jones is working on moving to Portland, Oregon to be with Tony Pieper and his son before they get hitched.


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