Bachelor Pad 2012 Spoilers: Who Proposes on Bachelor Pad 3 Finale! (VIDEO)

The Bachelor Pad 2012 finale is less than a week away and fans can’t wait to find out who wins Bachelor Pad 3 and which couples are still together after the show ends! Read on in our Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers to find out who won Bachelor Pad 3 and if reality TV show love can indeed last!


This post contains Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers about the final episode and the Bachelor Pad 2012 winner. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know!

Host Chris Harrison has promised fans in Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers that the season finale is going to be a wild show from start to finish. From all the Bachelor Pad 3 spoilers we’ve been reading, it does indeed look like this is going to be a crazy, fun episode with a holy cow kind of ending!

We’ve already posted about who won Bachelor Pad 3 and the dramatic ending of the show earlier, but we have a new and fabulous Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers sneak peek for you about the finale episode and which love birds from the show are still together after the show ends.

Many fans of the show may already know that Tony Pieper and gorgeous Blakely Jones (aka Blakely Shea) are one couple that lasts after the finale ends. Not everyone may know, however, that Blakely has moved in with Tony and his son. Blakely posted on her Twitter feed that she has just finished moving out to Oregon. Moving in together is not the only hot news about the couple though.

According to Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from Reality Steve, handsome Tony will be proposing to Blakely during the Bachelor Pad 3 finale! We reported on this earlier, but we had to bring the news to you again with a brand new video sneak peek of the lead up to this special moment. You can see a teaser for this fabulous romantic proposal in the Bachelor Pad 3 finale in this video from Good Morning America.

I just think it is so adorable how nervous Tony is, stuttering and looking like his eyeballs are going to explode, as he’s trying to get to the proposal. The video cuts off before Blakely gives him an answer, but happily we know it was an enthusiastic yes!

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  1. I think Rachel should have put keep after Nick pressured her to pick Sara over her friend. He was all about the money & promised her it would be Ok Why would she even want to share with Nick if she really. didn’t want to win the money. I wish she would have pulled a fast 1& shared with her friend not Nick. Who flew under radar the entire show

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