Bachelor Pad 3 Finale Recap: The Most Shocking Ending Ever!

Bachelor Pad 2012 host Chris Harrison promises the Bachelor Pad 3 finale tonight will be the “most dramatic and devastatingly stunning shows” ever seen in the history of the series. We can wait to watch and find out if the fans will be left as “stunned and speechless” from the Bachelor Pad 2012 finale as Harrison says the cast and crew were at the end of filming!



This post contains Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers from the Bachelor Pad 3 finale. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

The two couples left in the race tonight — Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson, and Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newton — will be fighting a difficult battle tonight to convince their former cast mates they deserve to win. While Rachel and Nick may be the more likeable couple, there is no denying that Chris Bukowski has played this game hard and he might get brownie points for it — no matter how sleazy his tactics were.

The Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers for tonight have promised fans an evening full of high drama, screaming, crying, cussing and confrontation. Not only will Rachel Truehart reportedly have it out with former partner Michael Stagliano, there will also be plenty of other catfighting going on between other cast members.

In the end, however, it all comes down to one vote and one choice. Who won Bachelor Pad 3 will be determined by the vote of the previously eliminated contestants. Then, the winning Bachelor Pad 2012 couple will have to decide, individually, whether they want to share the $250,000 prize or keep it for themselves.

We’ve already read through hordes of Bachelor Pad 2012 spoilers, so we can tell you tonight is indeed going to be totally nuts and a whole hell of a lot of fun. So hold on to your hats as we dive in to our Bachelor Pad 3 finale live recap!

Starting off the show tonight, we take a journey through the relationships — successful and failed — that bloomed during Bachelor Pad 3.

Kalon McMahon and Lindzi Cox are featured as one of the success couples from this season of Bachelor Pad. They are still together and say they are happy and their relationship is ongoing. Erica Rose says Kalon went to a bunch of events with other women and was with his ex last weekend and Lindzi should watch out, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on Kalon and Lindzi. Kalon says he has nothing at all to apologize for to anyone.

There is much ado about Michael Stagliano and all the things he did to get as far as he could during the show. Erica Rose tells Chris Harrison that Michael was supposed to be her ally and at some point in the game he turned his back on her. She ended up making sure he didn’t go any further by being personally responsible for him having to leave the show. Michael talks about how he didn’t go on the show to fall in love or find a wife and Jaclyn rips him a new one for breaking Rachel Truehart‘s heart by lying to her and leading her on.

Jaclyn Swartz says she went on Bachelor Pad 3 to win the $250,000, but ended up falling into a relationship with Ed Swiderski. Jaclyn also found herself betrayed in the end by her best friend on the show, Rachel. Jaclyn trusted Rachel to have her back, and Rachel stabbed her in the back when she and Nick Peterson chose to take Chris and Sarah Newton to the final instead of her and Ed. Jaclyn says she was loyal and having Rachel do that to her was unforgivable and she will not forget it.

Blakely Shea (aka Blakely Jones) is next up on the hot seat and says she went on Bachelor Pad 3 to win, but her game was messed up when Chris traded her for Jamie Otis and Sarah. However, Blakely ended up with something even better than cash when she ended up with Tony Pieper and the two fell in love. Chris ended up sending the two of them home. Jamie says she never wanted to be partners with Chris and she does not get why Blakely did not like her.

Jaclyn and Jamie have a little catfight on the side and Jaclyn tells her she is socially inept and doesn’t know how to communicate.

Blakely tells Chris Harrison that she just doesn’t know what she did to deserve finding Tony. She is worked up a bit over how much she adores him and how she never expected to fall in love but she did.

Blakely and Tony announce they are taking the next step in their lives and are moving in together. However, that’s not all. Right there in front of everyone, Tony Pieper somewhat nervously stammers out how much he is crazy in love with Blakely and gets down on one knee to propose to her! She gasps and of course says yes to her Neil Lane jewelers’ ring (probably provided by Bachelor Pad powers-that-be).

Host Chris Harrison brings the two final couples of Chris and Sarah, and Rachel and Nick to the stage.

Rachel is crushed by how Michael has treated her. She says she doesn’t understand how he seemed to really like her on the show and then just turned it off and gave her the cold shoulder after the show. He tells her he was honest with her and was never looking for love and did not want a long distance relationship, even though he is now apparently in one with another woman (whom he reportedly dated before the show). Rachel is devastated by what Michael did to her. Nick says it was hard to be partners with Rachel and have her always talking to Michael on the phone. He says he thought she felt like she was stuck with him whether she liked it or not.

Chris says his family was not pleased with how he played his game on Bachelor Pad 3. They did not like how he treated Jamie and Blakeley. Jamie gets very snarky with Chris and says it is good he didn’t end up with The Bachelorette Emily Maynard because he would have been a terrible father for her daughter. Ouch!

Jaclyn goes after Rachel for not choosing to take her and Ed to the finals over Chris and Sarah. Rachel and Nick explain that (duh!) this is a game and they are in it to win. Picking Chris and Sarah to go to the finals was the best game move for them and gave them more of a chance to win. Rachel says Jaclyn is so important to her and she felt horrible about it, but it was just about game play. Jaclyn really doesn’t give a damn, she’s just pissed.

Host Chris Harrison wants to know if Chris Bukowski really regrets any of his moves in the game and he says he does not, although he does apologize for hurting Jamie’s feelings. He says he can’t change what happened though. He tells the others they should vote for Sarah to win even if they don’t like him. He says his family gives him enough grief over how he played the game, he doesn’t need to hear it from anyone else.

The time to vote for the Bachelor Pad 3 winners is finally here!


Michael votes for Nick and Rachel
Jamie votes for Nick and Rachel
Kaylon votes for Chris and Sarah
Ed votes for Nick and Rachel
Blakeley votes for Nick and Rachel
Lindzi votes for Nick and Rachel

There is no need to continue as all the rest of the votes go to Nick and Rachel. Chris and Sarah are out and will not win the $250,000. Rachel and Nick are the winning couple! Now, however, we will have to find out if they will both share the grand prize, one of them will end up with it or no one will end up with any money — depending on what choice they make next.

Nick and Rachel are sent off to deliberate their choices. If both of them choose to ‘share’ the $250,000, they will split the prize. If both of them choose to ‘keep’ it for themselves, they will get nothing and the money will be split between the other contestants. If only one chooses to ‘share’ and one chooses to ‘keep’ then the prize will go to the greedy one who decided to keep it all for themselves.

Rachel and Nick finally return to the stage to give their answers to the night’s biggest question. The first to reveal their answer is Rachel and she has chosen… to ‘share’ the grand prize.

Next up is Nick and he gives a little speech before he reveals his answer, saying no one thought he would win and no one cared about him at all. He says he got to the finale by himself and Rachel didn’t even want to be his partner. He says she only stayed with him for Jaclyn’s sake and not for his and wanted to leave him several times.

When he announces his answer, the whole room is stunned as he reveals that he has chosen to ‘keep’ the $250,000 — which means he has now won the entire prize and Rachel will get absolutely nothing. Nick actually takes a bow and the room breaks out in cheering (and some boos).

Rachel is livid! She goes all off on Nick, telling him she is the whole reason he is there at the finale and he is disgusting! Nick says they were all in the game to win the money just like he was. He says if he thought she was really in their partnership 100% he would have shared the money, but all she did was whine and cry about Michael. Rachel is left even more devasted, now betrayed by both Michael and Nick in the end.

Jaclyn is the first one to speak after the shocking reveal that Nick has chosen to keep all the money for himself. She says Nick totally does not deserve it, but Kalon smacks back that it was a game and Nick played it to win it. Tony wants to know if Nick feels bad about taking all the money. Nick says he wasn’t out to hurt anyone, but he was playing to win the money and that is what he did.

Chris tells Rachel that Nick won the game fairly. Michael says he feels so bad for Rachel that first he broke her heart and now Nick has crushed her by taking all the money. Nick snarkily tells Michael he can console Rachel if he wants to. The audience cheers Nick for taking it all and playing the game all the way through the end no matter who he stepped on. This is the first time on Bachelor Pad that one person has won all the money.

Backstage, Rachel breaks down and Nick just piles it on more by telling her she was never dedicated to being his partner. She says that yes, they were forced together but they both vowed they would share the money and she can’t believe he broke his word and took all of it. Nick just smiles and goes off to his limo laughing as Rachel stays behind in tears.

That’s a wrap for the Bachelor Pad 3 finale and what a hell of a night it was! Be sure to keep a look out here for our recaps when The Bachelor premieres and in the future when The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad return for new seasons. Good night all!

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