Barf Warning: Big Brooke Hogan Posing For Playboy?


Holy crap, you rascals who read Playboy better hope this one doesn’t happen, but Big ole Brooke Hogan told the NY Daily News that she’s been approached by the mag to pose naked. Horf! What kind of tranny spread would THAT be?

The report is that “Playboy people came to her and asked her if she would like to pose nude for them. To the dismay to her fans though, she decided she was against it.” According to US Weekly she said “It’s not out of the question for the future, but we’ll have to see.”

Uh, Snarkista didn’t know Brooke really had fans, especially ones who wanted to see her naked…her Pussycat Dolls-wannabe act is horrifying enough! When you imitate those skanks but add about 60 pounds of Hulkness, the result is NOT pretty. Lets hope this idea tucks and runs away FAST.

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9 thoughts on “Barf Warning: Big Brooke Hogan Posing For Playboy?”

  1. This is an old article but just thought I’d add, I’m not sure why this article is acting like “big ole” Brooke is so big…Just because you can’t count her ribs, doesn’t mean she’s “fat” or “big”. This is the reason young girls all over America end up with complexes and eating disorders. They try to starve themselves to fit into society standards, because some people think that you’re fat if you can’t fit into a size 2. So what if Brooke’s not a size 2? That doesn’t mean that she’s fat.

  2. i agree with kayla. How is she fat? she looks pretty damn fine to me. shes a tad taller than the average girl but has a nice body. screw skin and bones and no ass. disgusting.

  3. HOW THE HELL IS SHE FAT? Dude, do you want to be able to break your women in half? I don’t know about you but I don’t want to date a 90 lb. adolescent boy. A toned woman with curves is much better than whatever tiny, boney girl that the media is making so popular today.

  4. Ok. Brooke is not fat at all. NEWS UPDATE. Most guys dont like twigs. Brooke is a perfect size. Jerks.

  5. Yeah, add me to the list of wondering what drugs the author of this article was on, when he/she made this moronic observation.

    Brooke, may not be my “type”… she is still a beautiful young woman, with an exceptionally nice figure.

  6. obviously the author of this article is a moron who wouldn’t know a hot woman if it smacked his bony face! also the fact this author has some sort of personal vendetta againts brooke just look at all the other articles about brooke, hmmm I wonder why? get a life ya skinney wimpy loser!!!

  7. She looks so fake and unattractive honestly. Like a spoiled trailer trash….yea this would deff not make money

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