Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Miley Cyrus, Matt Lauer and More

The overwhelming celebrity Halloween costume theme this year seems to be dressing up like other celebrities. In particular, it seems like everyone wanted to work their own version of Miley Cyrus’ now infamous MTV Video Music Awards ‘twerking’ outfit. If there is anything we really wanted to see less than Kelly Ripa dressed as Miley Cyrus, though, it was Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim.

Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim: Source – Instagram

The worst dressed vote for celebrity Halloween costumers this year, however, goes to Matt Lauer made up as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. We will never be able to unsee that image. Seriously, we are feeling the need for some eyeball bleach after seeing Matt Lauer with boobs.

Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch
Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch: Source – ABC

We also must give a big thumbs down to Dancing With the Stars alum Julianne Hough for not realizing that blackface was still a big no-no when she dressed as Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren from Orange is the New Black. We totally get that she was pretty much clueless, she’s very, very sorry, and really just wanted to play tribute to one of her favorite TV characters. Someone, however, should have told her to wipe that paint off her face before she ever stepped foot in public.


Our most adorable vote this year for celebrity halloween costumes must go to How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and family. We just couldn’t help but smile at their cuter than should be allowed Alice in Wonderland family portrait.

Neil Patrick Harris and Family

Check out more fabulous celebrity Halloween costume photos below posted by the stars on Instagram and Twitter. (Click the pics for bigger versions.)

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