Beyonce Fake Baby Bump Video For Real?

Beyonce Knowles showed off a bulging baby bump back at the MTV Video Music Awards in August when she made her on stage pregnancy announcement. Since then, however, the Beyonce baby bump has appeared to mysterious shrink and grow at will, leading fans to ask a number of questions about the Beyonce baby on the way. How pregnant is she really? When is she really due? And the latest zinger… is she really pregnant at all or is Beyonce sporting a fake baby bump?

Now a lot of this odd variation in baby bump size could surely be do to a star’s access to a wide variety of concealing and revealing clothing. Still, a strange video going around showing Beyonce’s baby bump rapidly vanishing in seconds has left some wondering if the megastar is faking a pregnancy. Or perhaps, that she might be wearing a prosthetic in the video to make her baby bump appear larger than it really is.

Here’s the still images from the so-called Beyonce fake baby bump video that is stirring up all these rumors. If you watch the progression of the photos as Beyonce sits down, it appears that her huge baby bump literally folds itself in half and squishes nearly flat.

Now, the frame rate on this video is terrible and honestly it really is impossible to tell exactly what is going on. All this controversy could just be the result of a weirdly moving tight dress. On the other hand, some fans are quick to point out that Beyonce has been photographed during the same time period with a baby bump that appears much smaller than what she was sporting in this video.

So is Beyonce faking a pregnancy with husband Jay-Z? Why would she do that? Well, she could be hiding the use of a surrogate to carry her baby for her. Or maybe she was wearing a prosthetic at the MTV Music Awards in August to make her baby bump seem bigger then — so she is keeping up with appearances now. There are a million different rumors and speculations going around.

We prefer to believe the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Beyonce is pregnant, the whole fake baby bump video is pretty silly and at some point the star will emerge with a baby in tow. As for Beyonce’s reponse to this whole fake baby bump rumor, her publicist told the whole thing was: “Stupid, ridiculous and false.”

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  1. If you guys check out the slowed down version of this video on juicy mag online dot com (website) it is soooo obvious that it is just extra material on the dress. When you see her walk in you can see the baggy material of the dress and as she sits it folds.

  2. It looks like a totally fake bump and more importantly, watch her body language. She appears to be covering up as she sits down. Perhaps she could feel the bump was loose.

  3. It does look like it folds, but if its small, why would she want it to appear bigger. Either way looks like their expecting!

  4. This bitch was not pregnant (: she a fake ass bitch just like that weave showing in her video ! hahahah HOEEEEEEE

  5. fake or fake tell her to go to hell cos we aint got no time for baby,you all should come see my baby

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