Beyoncé steals Christmas

We’ve heard lots and lots of claims of Beyoncé’s diva-like behavior, with the occasional story about how generous she can be, but according to one video game company, she let them down when it really mattered.  Games development group Gate Five had a contract with Beyoncé to create a game with her as the main character, but it all fell apart when Beyoncé suddenly demanded an amount of money much greater than was previously agreed, and Gate Five had to walk away.

The worst part?  This all happened a week before Christmas, leaving 70 employees without a job during the holidays.  Gate Five are now suing for more than $100 million, not only to cover their own costs, but also the profit they  would have earned marketing a game with Beyoncé’s likeness on it.

3 thoughts on “Beyoncé steals Christmas”

  1. omg! that is sooo bad! y did Beyonce have to turn it down. she coulod have made lots of money also i would have totally bought that game of hers!

  2. they are a no name company who probably bit off more than they could chew i.e. promising something way more they could offer. they didnt even have proper etiquette and addressed her as Ms. Carter, not Mrs. Carter or Ms. Knowles. But no one can actually say anything since she didn’t give her side of the story.

  3. i dont care av seen this story a million times n it bores me u didnt even let her give her side oF THE STORY

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