Big Brooke Hogan + Stripper Pole = FAIL


Big Brooke Hogan performed at the Calle Ocho carnival in South Miami, Florida yesterday, looking exactly like her mom Linda. Except we haven’t been subjected to pics of Linda pole-dancing. Yet. Brooke thought it might be sexy if she tried an impromptu pole dance for the crowd, which included her cheering DAD, Hulk Hogan. Gross.

Brooke, as you can clearly see, is not aerodynamically correct for stripper-pole dancing. She clearly IS making an ass of herself. It’s gonna take awhile for those carnival attendees to get THESE images out of their heads!

6 thoughts on “Big Brooke Hogan + Stripper Pole = FAIL”

  1. Whale watching and a concert, two in one! Now that’s smart thinking by her promoters considering the economy. Everyone loves a great deal.

  2. wtf is wrong with you people.yes she’s tall.but in no way is she fat.the only reason you talk shit is b/c you have no confidence in yourself.she takes good care of her self.maybe she could help some of you flabby asses out.

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