Big Brother 13 Contestant Shelly Moore Family Faces Death Threats

Big Brother 13 houseguest Shelly Moore‘s family has reportedly met with the FBI after they received a slew of death threats against the reality TV contestant. Thankfully, the FBI believes none of the threats are “credible”.

Shelly Moore has been recieving death threats ever since she betrayed an alliance with veteran cast members Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother 13, according to Shelly Moore had been teamed up with Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, but suddenly switched sides and voted to evict Schroeder last week.

The dramatic move resulted in a horde of Big Brother 13 fans going crazy about Shelly Moore’s lying and backstabbing. Following vote, Shelly’s family began receiving harassing and threatening phone calls and emails against Moore and the family — including her eight-year-old daughter.

The FBI reportedly met with Moore’s family this week to review the threats made against them, but did not find anything they considered all that concerning. Sources close to the family allegedly told the phone calls and emails have tapered off in the past couple of days and they do not plan to take further action.

Shelly Moore is currently on the block for eviction this week, in large part due to her decision to vote against Jeff Schroeder last week. Odds are currently in favor of her being evicted on tonight’s live episode.

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9 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Contestant Shelly Moore Family Faces Death Threats”

  1. I agree this is just a game and I also think she played a very bad game and for that she will have people who will not like her but they have no right to threaten the lives of her child or family because of it… we have had stupid people in the game before and never got their lives threatened… there is saying shit about what she is doing but then there is taking things to far… this is to far… I can honestly say I am not a fan of hers at all as I think she played the worst game for always claiming she is playing for her kid and husband she should have done better then she did… yes everyone lies, and switches sides but no one goes to the extremes this women has… I think she has been setting some really bad examples this summer for her child.. and it certainly won’t be fair for her to go home and be hipacrical about things she has done but then gives her child trouble for doing the exact same type of things… but seriouly fans think about what you are doing before doing it and remember the biggest thing to remember is that this game is played how you want it to be played for the most part as production wants the ratings and they are going to do what they know will boost the show more so be more responsible when posting or sending shit….

  2. She acted like her, stay at home non working husband and spoiled brat who live in a mansion are depending on this money or her family would be on the street. She is a snake in the grass who stabbed the only people in the house who have helped her and gave her a phone call home to her family. What goes around comes around. If I see her I’m spitting on her!!!!

  3. How dare you it’s a game and what shelly did was part of it if u have ever watched the game before than you would know I can’t believe that any human would say another person needs to die over a game that is completely despicable and you disgust me

  4. Others have had death threats before. Matt said his own wife had death threats on his season. Listen to him on dick@nite.

  5. I don’t think threats are ever right but Shelly enraged me also. She continually lied about Rachel and tried to make everyone hate her. She also said that if Rachel was on fire she would not even spit on her. All this while telling everyone what a good person she herself is. She truly makes me sick.

  6. There never were any dearth threats they were a lie devised by her family to gain sympathy for her.

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