Big Brother 13 Winner and Final Results Revealed!

The Big Brother 13 finale is over and we have a winner! One lucky houseguest walks away from tonight’s final episodes as the official Big Brother 13 winner and takes home $500,000. The second place runner-up gets a pretty nice consolation prize of $50,000. As for the poor third place person, well, they just go home crying. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE EPISODE YET!

In the first half of the episode, we saw the results of the final Head of Household Competition, which determined who would get the final eviction vote. Fiery redhead Rachel Reilly won the first round of the contest and blond bombshell Porsche Briggs won the second round. This left Porsche and Rachel to battle it out in the third round to claim the final eviction vote power.

In the end, Rachel Reilly proved once again that she is way too good at these Big Brother competitions. She beat our Porsche in the final round to claim the final eviction vote. Rachel had a pact with Porsche to go to the final two together, so Rachel decided to evict the third remaining houseguest, Adam Poch.

When the final jury votes came in, the results were no surprise to those who have been watching Big Brother 13 this season. Porsche had big odds against her with most of the veterans in the house against her. So it wasn’t a shock when the votes came in and the Big Brother 13 winner was revealed:

Rachel Reilly is the Big Brother 13 winner!

As the runner-up, Porsche Briggs will take home $50,000 and bragging rights that she made it to the final two. As the third place contestant, Adam Poch pretty much gets crap. To wrap up the night, America voted to select veteran Jeff Schroeder as America’s Choice player of the season, so he will get to add $25,000 to the $500,000 his girlfriend Jordan Lloyd won during their first season on Big Brother.

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