Big Brother 13 Winner Crowned Tonight!


The Big Brother 13 winner will finally be crowned tonight and we can’t wait to see who will walk away with a cool half a million dollars in prize money. This season has been full of all kinds of crazy drama, including one of the best catfights ever on Big Brother between newbie houseguest Shelly Moore and veteran returning houseguest Jordan Lloyd. The betrayals and the backstabbing were so bad in the house this season that one of the houseguests, the previously mentioned Shelly Moore, actually had people calling up her family with death threats. Now that’s just out of line, but just goes to show you how rabid Big Brother fans really are!

All the alliances, the drama and the backdoor dealing this season finally comes down to just one night of Big Brother 13 insanity. All those game play moves each of the final three made the past few months will be haunting them tonight as they battle it out in the finale. Will they make it to the final two? Or will they end up in the worst place of all, coming in a pathetic third, that awful place that means you ALMOST made it to the final two, where you could have at least wound up with $50,000 for second place. If you do make it to the final two, did you make so many enemies in the house that you still don’t stand a chance of winning?

Those are the questions that final three houseguests Rachel Reilly, Porsche Briggs and Adam Poch will be asking themselves tonight as Big Brother 13 comes to a close. We have to think that tonight is especially hard on Adam because virtually no one believes he stand much of a chance of winning no matter what happens with the last HoH competition.  We don’t want to give you spoilers, but the first and second round of the final Head of Household competition have already gone down. If you want to know what happened and who won, you can check out the results here.

Rachel and Porsche have a pact to take each other to the final two and it seems relatively likely both of them will stick to it if one of them ends up with the power to decide the final two. Rachel might get more votes against Adam than against Porsche but if she ended up ditching Porsche, she knows Porsche would vote against her — while Adam might still vote FOR her even if she boots him. Adam really only stands a chance, we think, if he ended up in the final two with Porsche, so we really think Porsche probably isn’t stupid enough to ditch Rachel and have the whole veteran’s alliance against her as a result. Adam’s only real chance is if he was the winner of the last HoH competition and well, he’s just not very good at competitions.

We are agreeing with our favorite BB fan sites, and, that the Big Brother 13 winner tonight will most likely be wild child drama queen Rachel Reilly. Let us know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Winner Crowned Tonight!”

  1. it is not on channel 4 now. whats going on? oh and rachel you need to win the money because you have nothing for your future but to live off your man

  2. OMG, I am soooooo excited Rachel is in the final 2 and that she won the last HOH. She deserves to win the $500k and I send her all my best wishes for a huge win!

  3. I am thrilled that Rachel won. She so deserved it. Shelly, you definitely redeemed yourself in voting for Rachel. Porsche did not make nearly as many game moves as Rachel, and she never really had a target on her back. As far as Danielle and Kalia, you only voted for Porsche because you don’t like Rachel. Not impressed with you! You definitely made your decision based on emotions. Danielle, you are a hypocrite in saying that Rachel was rude and mean to everyone. Did you forget how your father treated everyone when he was in the big house. You weren’t exactly an angel yourself. By yourself a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. Shame on you.

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