Big Brother 14 Cast Will Be Bigger Than Ever (VIDEO)

The Big Brother 14 premiere is just a few weeks away and we are finally getting a few clues about the new Big Brother 2012 season to come. Although the official Big Brother 14 cast list doesn’t come out until July 2nd, we do know that this year’s HouseGuests will be packed in to the Big Brother 2012 house like sardines.

So far we have received official Big Brother 14 spoilers that this year there will be more HouseGuests than in any other previous season. Since the top number of HouseGuests in a prior year was 16, that means there will be at least 17 Big Brother 14 HouseGuests.

The big question now on everyone’s mind is whether or not all those Big Brother 14 cast members will be new players, or if some previous Big Brother alumni will be thrown into the mix. CBS has already promised us 4 ‘big surprises’ this season in the latest Big Brother 14 commercials. Maybe one of them involves some faces from past seasons?

Personally, I’m hoping for all new players. After last season, I’m just yearning to get back to the pure fun of watching a horde of crazy strangers I’ve never seen before try to crawl over each other for a crapload of cash and the dubious fame of winning Big Brother 2012.

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  1. I am looking so forward for Big Brother to return. Can’t wait, the only thing I don’t want to see are any of previous players. Let’s go back to the beginning, where everybody is new, their first time on the show, and just play the game.

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