Big Brother 14: Fast Forward Eviction and New Head of Household!

On the CBS Big Brother 14 show tonight, the houseguests will be surprised with a sudden Fast Forward eviction and a new Head of Household Competition. Although the Big Brother 14 spoilers on both events have already been leaked, it should still be fun to watch how it all goes down. After the end of tonight’s CBS Big Brother 14 episode, we will finally be down to the final four and all bets are off from here on who is going to take home the grand prize!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers from Wednesday night’s show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Before we get to the Fast Forward eviction and new HoH Competition, fans will get the results of the last Power of Veto Competition from Saturday and Veto Ceremony on Monday. Then the CBS Big Brother 14 houseguests will get a shock when host Julie Chen announces there will be a surprise eviction. CBS turned off the Big Brother live feeds to protect the results of the eviction and subsequent HoH Competition, but of course the Big Brother 14 spoilers on the results leaked in less than half an hour.

After the CBS Big Brother 14 show ends, we will move on rapidly to the new nominations, which we should learn the results of on the Big Brother live feeds. We will also have a rapid pace Power of Veto Competition, which will be extremely important. Whoever wins this PoV will have total control over who ends up on the block and who goes home as they will have the only vote.

Join us for our Big Brother 14 live recap of Wednesday’s show at our partner site, and find out with us how it all went down!

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  1. Jenn was evicted, and Danielle is the new HOH. She will most likely nominate Ian and Dan, and since he is the biggest target, Ian will most likely be sent packing at the next eviction.I hope final 2 are shane and danielle, I don’t think Dan deserves to win again.

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