Big Brother 14 House Photos Leak!

The first official Big Brother 14 house photos were not supposed to hit the Internet until Monday at midnight, according to Yahoo Entertainment Features Editor Matt Whitfield. It seems like someone decided to defy CBS Big Brother, however, and leak the Big Brother 2012 house photos early, as they were posted online last night by an anonymous party.

Posting on his Twitter feed, Yahoo Entertainment’s Matt Whitfield said he would be given the go ahead to post the first Big Brother 14 media day photos on Monday at midnight. Apparently, however, either some Big Brother fan site (who we will not name here) just decided to ignore the embargo from CBS on the photos, or someone hacked said Big Brother fan site (one of the rumors going around) and stole the photos to post online.

However it happened doesn’t really matter at this point as you just can’t put the cat back in the bag. Now that the Big Brother 14 house photos have been leaked, they are pouring across the Internet from site to site at top speed. Because we do like to honor the ‘spirit’ of the press embargo on the photos by CBS, but acknowledge that at this point it is kind of meaning less, we’ll just post the link for you here instead of the actual photos. That way you can make your own moral decision about whether to click or not click to see them.

Leaked Big Brother 14 House photos on

For those who want an even better look inside the Big Brother 14 house, RealNetworks Superpass will be featuring an exclusive Big Brother 14 house video tour on Monday, July 2nd for those with a Big Brother 14 live feed subscription. For those still wanting to get in on the 25% off Big Brother live feed early bird special, you can still sign up for the special until July 11.

Now that you’ve seen the photos, what do you think about the theme of the new Big Brother 14 house photos? Do you think CBS is giving us any kind of teaser about the number of Big Brother 14 HouseGuests and that whole ‘mentors’ rumor by showing ups 14 spots on the HouseGuest board? (Giving strength to the rumor of 14 ‘regular’ HouseGuests and 4 ‘mentor’ veterans.) Or did there just happen to be 14 media day guests playing in the house? Or does CBS just like to screw with us? Especially with that photo of two-time Big Brother player Rachel Rielly in the house?

I’m thinking the “screw with us” answer is probably the most valid…

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    I would applaud profusely if the 14 houseguests took turns punching her lights out.

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