Big Brother 14 House Tour With Host Julie Chen (VIDEO)

Host Julie Chen gives us a grand tour of the Big Brother 14 house in a video shoot for Entertainment Tonight. Julie shows off a the ‘Urban Pop’ themed house full of very bright colors, strong patterns, and strange oddities (like a room full of shoes). Julie calls it ‘Tokyo Pop’ and I think it’s very 80’s looking.

Like the rest of us, Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen is a huge fan of the show and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next. She tell’s ET it will be a sleepless summer for her “because I have to watch what these houseguests are doing.”

Also like many of us, Julie Chen has absolutely no luck in predicting who will end up as the Big Brother winner each year. “That’s the beauty of this game, is [that] there is no formula for how to do it because even if you played this game before and you move in, it’s a new set of rules with new people that you’ve never met before,” she said. “I cannot pick the winner. I don’t think anybody can pick the winner.” Check out the house tour below (click around the bottom the big picture of Julie in the center to make it play).

The Big Brother 14 premiere airs Thursday night at 8PM ET/PT. Check out the full season schedule of all the different ways to watch Big Brother 14 all summer long over at our partner site, You can also see a whole slew of still photos of the Big Brother 14 house here.

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