Big Brother 14 Finale Live Recap: Who Won Big Brother 2012?

The Big Brother 2012 finale of season 14 is finally here at last! At the end of the night, one of the final three houseguests — Dan Gheesling, Danielle Murphree or Ian Terry — will be walking away as the player who won Big Brother 14. Personally my bet is on master manipulator Dan Gheesling considering how he’s wrapped both Danielle and Ian around his finger, but I’d love to see the shock on his face if geeky student Ian Terry beats him with a last minute backstab and wins it all!

Going into the Big Brother 14 finale tonight, it is still anyone’s game. In the last Head of Household Competition of Big Brother 2012, there are three rounds to be won. In the finale episode, we’ll watch the whole final HoH battle go down and the final eviction play out. Then it will be up to the Big Brother 14 jury of previously eliminated players to determine who will win the grand prize and be the Big Brother 2012 winner.

If Dan and Ian end up as the final two, it should be interesting to see if the Big Brother 2012 jury rewards Dan’s masterful game play with their votes, or decides to punish him for all his lying, deceitfulness and broken promises. If they choose to reward the player who made the biggest and boldest game moves and worked everyone to win, Dan would be the clear person who won Big Brother 14.

Fans who have been watching on the Big Brother live feeds already know from the Big Brother 14 spoilers on what went down in rounds one and two. Before we launch into our Big Brother 14 finale live recap, let’s just say the results were a bit unexpected… at least in the second round. Now one of the houseguests is left with the difficult decision on whether they should throw the last round of the Head of Household Competition in hope they’ll end up with more votes in the Jury House.

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