Big Brother 14 Week 2 Episode 5: The Willie Hantz Explosion!

On Big Brother 14 Sunday night, finding out the nominations for week 2 was much less interesting than watching the drama with Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests Willie Hantz unfold. Willie Hantz, brother to Survivor‘s Russell Hantz, came to Big Brother 14 to win, but when the pressure got too intense, he seriously lost his cool and ended up the whipping boy to most of the BB14 house.

Faced with what seemed like a near certainty he would be evicted this week by the other Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests, Willie Hantz decided to rather dramatically take his fate back into his own hands.

For fans who have been keeping up with the Big Brother 14 spoilers via the Big Brother live feeds all week, the nominations announced on Sunday night are already old information. What even Big Brother live feeds fans missed out on, however, is seeing the end of houseguest Willie Hantz’ huge explosion after the Coaches’ Competition on Friday.

CBS Big Brother turned off the live feeds after Willie Hantz started losing his s**t all over the BB14 house, leaving fans dying to know what the hell was going on with the cameras off. Many actually started getting very angry with CBS and Superpass when show producers just kept the live feeds off for hours. (Although it should be noted part of that time was for the nominations announcement, which is never shown on the feeds and they do have to save some good stuff for the CBS show!)

After all was said and done, casting director Allison Grodner announced on Twitter that the “unseen footage” of what happened after the Big Brother live feeds went dark would be aired (at least in part) on Sunday’s nominations show.

So tonight we eagerly look forward to seeing what happened with houseguest Willie Hantz after the Big Brother live feeds went off. I hope it’s as good as the rumors going around say it is, because if it is… it’s going to be one very crazy, drama-filled night on CBS Big Brother 14!’

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