Big Brother 14 Week 8 Episode 25: Double Eviction Time!

On Big Brother 14 Thursday night, two more houseguests will be going home in the second double eviction of the season. While we already pretty much know one of the BB14 houseguests who will be evicted tonight, the other person going home is still totally up in the air.

Up on the block facing eviction in the first round tonight is Frank Eudy, son of wrestler Sid Vicious, and Internet Chef personality Joe Arvin. In the Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds, it seems almost certain that Frank Eudy will not survive another eviction this time around, despite cheating fate multiple times this season.

Frank, however, currently does not suspect he is about to end up being the next Big Brother 14 houseguest headed to the Jury House. In fact, he is relatively certain he has the votes to stay and has been rather cocky about it for the past few days. Unless someone clues him in at the last minute, Frank is about to get quite a shock at the Big Brother 14 live eviction this evening.

The BB14 houseguests suspect this week could possibly be a double eviction, but they haven’t had any of the usual hints, so they don’t know for sure. So the drama should ramp up quickly when they find out there will be speed round of Head of Household Competition, new Nominations, followed by a Power of Veto Comp and Power of Veto Ceremony, followed by another eviction and another HoH Comp! Whew! It’s going to be a wild night on Big Brother 14! You can keep up with all the action as it happens tonight in a live recap of the eviction show over at our partner site,

Because of everything that will be packed into the CBS Big Brother 14 episode tonight, the second Head of Household Competition will run over past the end of the show. So be sure to have the Big Brother live feeds queued up and ready to go when the show ends to find out who will be the next HoH.

We are getting down to the wire and the Big Brother 14 finale is only a few weeks away. Now is a great time to get the feeds if you haven’t already so you can watch all the awesome insanity of the houseguests as they get every more desperate every day for that huge cash prize waiting at the end!

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