Big Brother 2012 Recap: The First Big Brother 14 Eviction!

The new Big Brother 14 premiere is here! Every year we wait with crazy anticipation for the launch of the new season and it looks like Big Brother 2012 is going to be a crazy one! We love crazy. Join us as we bring you our first Big Brother 14 recap for the new season and meet all the wild new Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests who will be keeping us entertained all season long!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers about the premiere episode of Big Brother 2012. Please stop reading right now if you do not want to know what happened. You have been warned!

This season on Big Brother 14 we have twelve new houseguests and four returning veterans. The vets will not, this time around, be playing against the newbies. Instead, they will serve as coaches to ‘teams’ of new houseguests. If one of their team members is the Big Brother 14 winner, the coach will receive $100,000. Here’s a quick reference guide for you on the whole Big Brother 14 schedule for the summer:

  • Sundays: Big Brother on CBS (Nominations) – 8PM ET/PT
  • Wednesdays: Big Brother on CBS (Veto Competition & Veto Ceremony) – 8PM ET/PT
  • Thursdays: Big Brother on CBS (Live Eviction) – 9PM ET/PT
  • Nightly: Big Brother After Dark on Showtime – 12AM to 3AM ET/PT
  • Every Day, All Day & All Night: Big Brother Live Feeds on SuperPass

First up we find out that one of the new Big Brother 14 cast houseguests will not even have a chance to stay overnight in the house. In a nasty little move by CBS, one of the newbies will get evicted during the Big Brother 2012 premiere. Ouch!

The new Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests are the first to enter the Big Brother 14 house. We’ll give you a short rundown on each, and you can read full, in-depth profiles on each Big Brother 14 cast member at our sister site here on

  •     Ashley Iocco — 26, owner of a mobile spray tan company from Pittsburgh, Pa (living in West Hollywood, CA).
  •     Danielle Murphree — 23, a nurse/model/aspiring actress from Grant, Ala (living in Tuscaloosa, Ala).
  •     Frank Eudy — 28, unemployed from Marion, Ark (living in Naples, Fla). Son of wrestler Sid Vicious.
  •     Ian Terry — 21, an engineering student from Pittsburgh, Pa (living in New Orleans, La).
  •     Jenn Arroyo — 37, a musician from Brooklyn, N.Y.
  •     Jodi Rollins — 42, a restaurant server from Englewood, Colo (living in Calipatria, Calif).
  •     Joe Arvin — 41, a chef/aspiring Reality TV god from Lexington, KY.
  •     Jojo Spatafora –  26, a bartender/model/aspiring actress from Staten Island, N.Y.
  •     Kara Monaco — 29, a model (and former Playboy Playmate) from Orlando, Fla (living in Los Angeles, Ca).
  •     Shane Meaney — 26, a house flipper/fitness model/personal trainer from Bennington, Vt.
  •     Wil Heuser — 24, a marketing consultant/entertainer & YouTube star from Louisville, KY .
  •     Willie Hantz — 34, a tankerman/reality TV god wannabe and brother to Survivor’s Russell Hantz from Vinton, La (living in Dayton, Texas) .

The new houseguests are initially not so pleased to find out there will be returning veterans, but very happy when they learn the returning players will not be competing against them. The veterans who will serve as coaches/mentors for the four teams of newbies will be:

  • Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling
  • Big Brother 6 and 7 third place finalist Janelle Pierzina
  • Big Brother 12 fourth place finalist Britney Haynes
  • Big Brother All-Stars winner Mike “Boogie” Malin

Each of the veteran players are instructed to go around one by one and pick out their teams for Big Brother 14. Much like when you had to pick teams in grade school and the unlikeable people ended up last. Newbie player Willie Hantz is already in trouble because he’s suspected as being related to Survivor‘s Russell Hantz despite lying about it when asked directly if he was by houseguest Ian Terry.

The Big Brother 14 veterans pick out there teams and the lineup is:

  •    Britney’s Team: Shane, Willie & JoJo
  •     Mike’s Team: Frank, Ian & Jenn
  •     Janelle’s Team: Wil, Ashley, Joe
  •     Dan’s Team: Kara, Danielle & Jodi

Everyone has been told that one player will go home tonight and who it will be all depends on the outcome of the first Head of Household competition. The teams will compete against each other and the winning team coach will pick out the new Head of Household, while the losing team coach will choose the player to go home.

The Head of Household competition has the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests jumping across a giant bed to collect huge teddy bears. Right from the start, Dan’s team is doing badly. There are a few tight moments, but in the end it is Britney’s team who pulls the win. Dan’s team, unfortunately, ends up in last place.

Britney now gets to choose the first Head of Household and she decides to pick Willie Hantz because he already has a big target on his back and he needs time to make deals and alliances with the other Big Brother 14 cast houseguests.

Then Dan is forced to choose which of the Big Brother 2012 cast newbies on his team he is going to send home. He immediately decides Kara is safe, leaving it between Jodi and Danielle. Jodi argues that Danielle will give up too easily and not be a fighter. Jodi slams back that Jodi will be nothing but drama.

In the end, Dan decides he’d rather take the chance that Danielle might be weak, than deal with the possibility of major drama from Jodi.

Evicted: Jodi Rollins

That’s all for our Big Brother 2012 recap for the Big Brother 14 premiere! Join us here again on Sunday night when we bring you our next Big Brother 14 recap.

Stay tuned here for all the latest news and gossip on the upcoming season of Big Brother 14. You can also tune in to all things Big Brother with our sister site, on Twitter at @BigBroAccess and on the Big Brother Access Facebook page or sign up for our Big Brother 2012 e-mail newsletter. The Big Brother 14 live feeds go live on July 12, be sure to get your feeds on!

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  1. I love Big Brother and I stay tuned every summer but something about the decision on this 1st episode of BB2012 I must say I’m a 25 latino female and it look like it was a racist decision to see the black female get pick last and evicted first claiming she will start drama I think otherwise.

  2. Big Brother is RACIST and I will hot be watching this year. The Black female is the last person picked and the first evicted. This is just WRONG!!

  3. CBS has been on a racist streak. First that gay racist on survivor and now the black women gets picked last and voted out first because they think she will start drama. Wow!

  4. ok that was racist to pick the black female last (ITS WRONG).. but i love BIG BROTHER

  5. Where the hell are the minorities this season?? WTF?? like the very 1st episode they boot the only black person casted?? People should be outraged at CBS. This group is about as diverse as a bag of chips. There’s no way in hell you can look at that group and think the casting was fair. This doesn’t reflect a multi-ethnic America. 

  6. lol you people are so ignorant. She got picked last because she doesn’t appear as ‘fit’ or as ‘hot’ as the other female contestants. AND she didn’t bond quickly with the others? Sex sells people. Was she supposed to be picked any differently because she IS a minority? No.. she shouldn’t of. I do completely agree they should have cast more minorities though.

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